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Indonesian Minister-God Doesn’t Like Immoral People!

Tifatul Sembining, Communication and Information Minister in the government of Indonesia has come up with an explanation about why there are hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that result in the death of thousands– IMMORALITY! He cites recent disasters which have impacted his nation as caused by the decline in morality among people. “television broadcasts that destroy morals are plentiful in this country and therefore disasters will continue to occur.” He was very upset at DVDs which can readily be purchased on any street corner that depict women scantily dressed and all sorts of evil such as pornography and gay couples.

Of course, there are those who actually believe disasters occur due to destructive forces of nature, but we can readily understand that such people believe that God is neutral when it comes to men kissing or women walking around in jeans. What else can the Old Man up in the sky do besides send a few earthquakes or rainstorms in the direction of evil people. Granted, some fundamentalist Muslims get killed in the disaster but that goes with the need to wipe out all those who will not pray or behave themselves. We have to kill a few to save the majority, that’s nature speaking.