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Immigrants Back German Cup Team

Football by an other name has the capacity to arouse fierce feelings of pride and anger. Ibrahim Bassal, an immigrant to Germany from Lebanon owns a small store in an area which has a high percent of immigrants. The immigrants became fanatic fans of German football and demonstrated their passion by purchasing a giant German flag to hand over the street as people gathered around their television sets in order to watch World Cup matches. They exploded with joy when Germany defeated England, but much to their surprise their enthusiasm was not shared by a group of left wing Germans who hated football as much as they hated what their nation represents as a result of World War II. A woman entered his shop and viciously attacked Ibrahim for displaying flags. She shouted that she was ashamed to be German because of World War II atrocities.

As among the founders of a Holocaust museum in America I stand with Ibrahim. The people of Germany have no connection with Nazi atrocities before they were born. A human can only be responsible for his/her actions, not those of parents or grandparents. If the Lebanese immigrants to Germany take pride in their football team it clearly shows that those who select to live in a nation are just as patriotic as those whose ancestors came a thousand years prior. Wave the damn German flag when your team wins.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Coyotes Hearing Today”
You can tell when it begins by the howls.

UK, The Independent: “Nazi Officer Given Life Imprisonment”
I have a hunch this will be a short life sentence.

South Africa, Argus; “Alleged Poachers Get Bail”
Were they shooting at alleged animals?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Negligent Cancer Doctor Reprimanded”
From now on, we expect more people dying from cancer or else!

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Australia Mulls Murdering Camels”
I have a hunch back about that this will ever happen.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Group Gives Failing Grades To Schools”
Does anybody grade the group which gives failing grades?

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Lecture On Treating Swine Flu”
It was greeted with a chorus of oinks.

Oman, Oman Tribune: “Drive On To Combat Pomegranate Butterflies”
And, you say Oman is not doing enough to combat terrorism!

Qatar, Gulf Times: “Sudan Bars Trouser Case Woman From Leaving”
However, she can leave if she departs naked.

Ukraine, Kyiv Post: “Head Of Children’s Charity Killed”
Boy, talk about someone who doesn’t like kids!

Palin, O’Reilly, Dobbs On Obama Nazi Ideas!

This intrepid reporter was able to uncover a secret document which offers an insight into the thinking of prominent Republicans on the current crisis facing America concerning President Obama’s Socialist agenda.

Sara: Bill, Lou, I’m so glad you could make this meeting. I took one look at the size of that Obama health thing and knew it was the first step on the road to dictatorship. Imagine, asking ordinary Americans to read such a document!
Bill: Well, Sarah, I thought you really creamed him with the expose of his Death Panels and how they wanted to kill your child.
Sarah: I intend to go across this great nation telling folks about the Obama Death Panel. Just imagine in this great country, having a death panel that decides who lives and dies.
Bill: Absolutely right. It is the responsibility of private enterprise health companies to decide who lives or dies. That is the essence of free enterprise and the American way of death.
Lou: You know, I’m just asking questions, but has anyone noticed that Obama’s grandmother died shortly after he arrived at her home? I mean, is it a coincidence that she died and with her went the only one who knew the truth about the birth certificate we can’t find.
Sarah: Right on, Lou. Obama and his Nazi thug supporters want to halt freedom of speech. That’s why they have these “town hall meetings.” Town hall, my ass-pardon the expression. I have it on good authority that Obama secret agents film loyal Americans who belong to the Tea Party. Just before I came here, I received an email telling me that a Tea Party member who attended one of those sessions, was found dead on the highway. Naturally, they say it was an accident. But, I have two other examples of members of the Tea Party who have died in mysterious ways. One was found dead on his kitchen floor, and a loud speaking woman died while having her hair done
Lou: I’m just asking questions, but wasn’t that hair salon located down the block from the office of a Democratic congressman? Is that a coincidence?
Bill: Let me suggest we begin pounding away on the idea that the survival of the fittest means only individuals or their chosen health insurance company can make life and death decisions. We can’t allow government bureaucrats to decide who lives or dies. By the way, just an hour ago I received an incredible document. We now have conclusive proof that Obama’s grandfather had a child with a German girl who was a member of Hitler’s Youth. That woman went to Africa where she had sex with a man from Kenya. I believe we can now prove that Barack Obama is the grandchild of Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun!!
Lou: Bill, that is fantastic. I finally have documentary evidence there is no birth certificate because we now know Obama was born in Africa and is part Nazi.
Sarah: No wonder his “grandmother” had to die. She knew the secret of his real birth. Wow!

Republican Crazies Compare Nazis To Obama

Republican crazies have been out in force throughout the nation in order to create anger, fear, and hate which are the three horsemen of right used by the right in their battle against health reform. Many Jews in Israel and the United States are furious at the use of Nazi imagery to portray the Obama health plan as something akin to the death camps of World War II. Town Hall meetings have witnessed right wing kooks using swastikas and other Nazi associations in order to prove if America has a health plan to assist those without health it is merely the first step on the road to Auschwitz.

David Harris, head of the National Jewish Democratic Council, blasted Rush Limbaugh’s tactics of likening health care to Nazism. “Limbaugh’s horrifying use of Hitler references and swastikas is deeply offensive and wildly inappropriate, and it has to stop now.” Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League stated bluntly “the use of Nazi symbolism is outrageous.”

I do not understand the attitude of Democratic leaders who are attacking Rush Limbaugh and those seeking to end the Nazi style Obama health plan. Everyone knows that prisoners in death camps had available an Obama style health plan and that is the reason so many died in the camps. Once doctors provide affordable health care to people it is the first step on the road to crematoriums.