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Israel Does Not Act As Nazis, It Simply Talks Like Nazis

I write as an American Jew who lost numerous relatives in the Holocaust, worked to help create a Holocaust museum, has developed educational materials to teach about the Holocaust and spent time studying in Israel. I would never compare actions of the Israel government with those of Nazi, Germany. There is no program in Israel to kill each and every Palestinian. However, when Israelis compare themselves to Jews in Europe during World War II who were faced with death by Nazi, Germany, it is time to demand a cease fire in this propaganda war to convince themselves and the world Israel faces destruction. An Israel army blockades Gaza, no Jews in Israel are being blockaded nor threatened with malnutrition. Palestinian soldiers did not board a ship jammed with Jews, Palestinian soldiers do not determine which foods and products Jews can purchase, Palestinian soldiers do not tell Jews if they can build a school. Jews in Israel are not the besieged as Jews were in Europe during the 1940s, Jews in Israel are the conquering army which determines how Palestinians can live.

Victimhood is a soothing reassurance to troubled individuals, it provides a frightened person with momentary solace. I can not speak for anyone other then myself, but when one who was proud of the establishment of the state of Israel now questions whether its leaders speak the language of Nazi, Germany, perhaps it is time for Israelis to examine why so many friends of Israel have lost confidence in its democratic nature.

I gather a popular joke among some Israelis is that Gaza is an example of “putting Palestinians on a diet.” Sorry, Israelis, but those were the exact words used by Nazis in referring to Jews in death camps.

Sig Heil Europeans, We Nazis Are Not Dead!

In one sense, contemporary haters of Muslims are not that far different from Europeans hundreds of years ago who feared the oncoming Muslims bent on conquering Christianity. Patrik Brinkman of Sweden, just gave $7.1 million to a German nationalist group which wants Muslims out of their country. Pro NRW believes there are too many of “them” in “our country” and there is need for some sort of Final Solution. Brinkman seeks to create a new right wing political party that stands for the rights of Christian Europeans. His ultimate goal is organizing a group of European nationalists.

The bad news is the presence of people like Brinkman. The good news is right wing groups in Germany or Sweden never get past about 4% or 5% of the population in voting. They may rant and rave about Muslims just as eighty years ago they shouted about the “Jewish presence” which threatened their existence as a pure race, but their words belong to the past, not to the future of Europe.

If I’m Jewish Must I Oppose Health Care?

We can only assume Adolf Hitler and any still living Nazis must be doubled over in laughter to learn there are raving maniacs in the United States who have concluded supporting national health insurance is the first step toward introducing Nazism to America. An Israeli expatriate in America has become a Youtube star after he engaged in an on-the-air shouting match with a nut case who yelled, “Heil Hitler”at him during a health care reform meeting in Los Angeles. He was describing Israel health care and said it had “the best health care in the world, government health care” when Ms. Moron shouted at him.

The woman was wearing an Israel Defense Force t-shirt and began making mocking sounds toward the man adding, “you ought to be the most against President Obama.” He defended his nation’s national health care system and noted while in America he had to go to the Emergency Room and was forced to pay, $8,000.

OK, you don’t agree with national health insurance. But, where did you get the idea it had something to do with Nazi Germany??? Let me get this straight, if I’m Jewish I have to oppose national health insurance because in doing so I am striking a blow at Adolf Hitler and Nazism!!

Right Wing Nationalists In Czech Republic Confronted

In the 1930s, Czechoslovakia was among the first nations seized by the Nazis and during the war its citizens were subject to brutal treatment including the destruction of an entire village after the assassination of a Nazi leader. The horrors of Nazism have disappeared from the minds of nationalists in the country and been replaced by images of a benign Adolf Hitler and good days before the communists came to power. Nationalist groups demonstrated in April supposedly to mark the anniversary of an American bombing in Czechoslovakia but most probably to celebrate the 120th birthday of Hitler. This time they were met be determined people who refused to allow their town to become associated with the kooks of nationalism.

The people met the challenge of Nazism by talking openly against these groups, holding concerts, placing billboard signs with “Smile, Not Heil” expressions of derision of the nationalists. People stood up to the thugs and were faced with having their names and addresses listed on Nazi web sites. The best manner of handling Nazism is to confront them in public and not be cowed by their threats.

Environmentalist Are Modern Nazis, Says Aussie MP

There are still individuals in the world who will stand against the rise of modern Nazis like those environmentalists who want planet Earth to confront issues of pollution. Australian Senator Barnaby Joyce is among those who has principles and wants the world to know he will not back down anymore than George Bush has ever backed down from believing in WMD. Senator Joyce told the media, he belived those who seek to cut emissions in the name of environment are out to take jobs away from Australians and are just like Nazis who killed millions of Jews in the Holocaust. He warned of the rise of “eco-totalitarianism” and promised his constituents that he would not be “goose stepping” with modern Nazis.

I’m glad to find there are still some people in this world who have principles and will stand by them regardless of the fact their words are ridiculous, insulting and reflect ignorance and stupidity.

On Laws That Are Not Needed!

Legislatures of the world tend to have a propensity of passing laws that most probably serve no purpose other than pleasing someone’s momentary anger. The parliament of Lithuania just passed legislation that makes illegal the public display of Nazi and Soviet symbols such as the swastika or the hammer and sickle. It also prohibits any public showing of the Soviet flag, military uniforms or the Soviet five point star and definitely makes illegal playing the Soviet national anthem.

It is difficult to ascertain why at this moment in history Lithuania feels compelled to insult the people of Russia by declaring illegal public displays of the uniform of Russian soldiers who drove the Nazis from the Baltic region. What exactly is gained by such provocative insults to a neighboring nation? Lithuania can not forget the years of occupation by the Soviet Union, but the troops who battled and died to free the world from Nazi rule are certainly in another category. They should be honored and respected for ending Nazi rule in Europe.

Of course, there apparently is no effort on the part of the legislature of Lithuania to examine the horrible behavior of some(a small minority) of its citizens who collaborated with the Nazis. Another time, another place in Lithuanian history. How about keeping it in the past and going on with our lives today? Honor what Russia did right and condemn evil of the Soviet Union.