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If You Win Prix Goncourt, Shut UP Says MP!

Marie Ndiaye is the first black woman to win the famous French literary award, the Prix Goncourt. However, she created a storm of protest from supporters of French President Sarkozy when she told an art magazine that she had moved to Berlin after the 2007 elections because of her dislike of Sarkozy. “I find the police state, vulgar atmosphere detestable. I find (Eric) Besson,(the Immigration MInister, Hortefeux(the Interior Minister), those people monstrous.” MP, Eric Raoult, raised the issue in Parliament whether or not “the duty of a person who defends the literary colors of France should not be to show a certain respect towards its institutions.”

I believe the MP is confusing winning a Ms. France contest with being an important literary figure who is expected to voice her opinions on life in France, including the good and bad. Ms. NDiaye is still furious that children are being taken from school because they lack the right identity papers. It is not Ms. NDiaye who should shut up.