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Not Neat To Be A Neet!

Latest figures out of the United Kingdom indicate that one in six 18-24 year-olds are not in education, employment or training) which has earned them the name of Neets. The number of 16-18 year-olds in the same situation has risen by 24,000 to 233,000 which represents nearly 12% of this age group. Part of the problem is the inability of British universities to find places for students who ordinarily might qualify, but with so many applying for university places, it is expected a record 60,000 this year will become college rejects and join the Neets.

Politicians will bemoan the situation and declaim and declare of their intention to do something. Of course, there is need to expand college places, hire more faculty, establish training programs and get more people working as career counselors. In July, 1933, four months after Franklin Roosevelt assumed office, there were 277,000 young men working in CCC camps. In the aftermath of WWII, colleges in America rapidly expanded to handle the onslaught of returning veterans.

Day care centers, urban renewal projects, and a host of other tasks are desperately in need of human assistance. How about a hundred billion to focus on jobs today, not tomorrow. That is JTNT.