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Sarah Palin Scores With Jewish Women-Wrong Way

Many Jewish women, even die hard Republicans, are excited about Sarah Palin, unfortunately for John McCain, it is the excitement of anger. Clare Kinbberg, editor of a feminist Jewish magazine, set up a booth in a Jewish community center and was amazed how many Jewish women approached her with complaints concerning Sarah Palin. “She really brought out some ire, fear, something personal. It was almost a visceral reaction that she represented something anathema against Jewish values, something very deep in their identity.” Historically, a large percent of Jewish women identify as being liberal, and the views of Palin about abortion or sex education or separation of church and state which are so central to Jewish belief frightens many Jewish women.

Despite Palin’s advocacy of Israel, here approval rating among Jews is about 37%, and some Jewish women resent what they consider to be pandering on the part of Palin rather than a firm support based on historical grounds. The bottom line is a high percent of Jewish women are college graduates and resent Palin’s ignorance and strident support for fundamentalist Christian values.