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Why Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu Stalls

Sounds of frustration Obama representative George Mitchell can be heard a thousand miles away from the Middle East and it is doubtful if either the president or his envoy will have any other experience than being frustrated. The real issue is why does Israel Benjamin Netanyahu hedge and stall and refuse to offer any thing other than platitudes about his concern for peace? We believe Bibi is stalling until after results come in from November Congressional races which he expects will result in victories for Republican conservatives. If Netanyahu can wait it out and a new crop of ideological Republicans take over Congress they can exert pressure on the president to hold off on getting tough with Israelis. He expects once this occurs to then proceed with settlement construction and condemn President Obama to the dustbin of history.

Mitchell has received more specific feedback from President Abbas who seeks a genuine peace settlement. There will be no progress until November results come in. If Democrats hold their own, Netanyahu will become more receptive to honest negotiations. Until then, frustration is the name of the game.


Ah, the Jerusalem debate once again is a highlight of discussions concerning the future of Israel-Palestinian conflicts. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu reached for his copy of the Bible during a session in the Knesset in order to prove for once and for all that Jerusalem belongs to only one people — Jews. His examination of the Bible reveals the word Jerusalem is mentioned along with Zion 850 times in the Old Testament. Asked how many times Jerusalem is mentioned in the hold scriptures of other faiths, he responded, “I recommend you check.” He was attempting to validate the right of Israel occupy the entire city despite the UN Partition Plan which called for dual control. He then went on to note the word, Jerusalem is mentioned 142 times in the New Testament and none of the 16 names for Jerusalem is mentioned in the Koran.

Jerusalem was a Jewish city in ancient times. After the Romans destroyed it as a capital in the 1st century, A.D. it then became a Christian city until the 7th century when Muslims seized it until Crusaders retook and it and then back to Muslims until 1967. This might be an interesting history lesson, but we live in modern times. If one accepts Netanyahu logic, we can expect numerous law suits from Indian tribes seeking return of “their land.”

Enough with word games. Peace requires making Jerusalem a city for all faiths.

Is Barack Obama Israel’s Problem Or Is It Themselves?

Conservatives in America and those who believe any criticism of Israel transforms the individual into an anti-semite(Jews are termed, self-hating Jews) are flooding newspapers and the media with comments concerning the horrible actions undertaken by the Obama administration toward Prime Minister Netanyahu.
“Obama is the greatest disaster ever for Israel because of his aspirations to make Netanyahu’s life miserable.”
“There has never been such brutal pressure from America on Israel.”
Of course, in 1956, President Eisenhower forced Israel to halt its invasion of Egypt and go home. If one reads the pro-Netanyahu press, the president of the United States had no right to express his views to the Israel government, but the Israel government has the right to hire lobbyists to spread vile comments about Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama is among the best friends Israel has encountered. He is attempting to save Israel from its own blind path to self destruction. Israelis opposing working with President Abbas to create an Independent Palestine with a capital in Jerusalem live in fantasy land. Within twenty years there will be the capability for terrorist groups to attack Tel Aviv and to conduct ongoing suicide missions.

Benjamin Netanyahu is an incompetent power-crazed leader who believes ignoring moderate Palestinians is the only logical policy. He has filled his Cabinet with right wing religious zealots who despise Arabs. The answer is simple: form a coalition government with Kadima, Likud and Labor and move on to peace and cooperation with Arab nations. That is the way to help Israel avoid violence.