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Surprise-Neo Nazis Set Up Shop In Berlin!

Top German politicians have protested over the relocation of a prominent Swedish right wing extremist who has ties to German neo-Nazis to the city of Berlin. Patrik Brinkmann, leader of the Continent European Foundation announced he was headed to Berlin, come hell or high water. His organization said: “the aim of the Continent European Foundation leader Patrik Brinkmann is to move to Berlin by 2010 at the latest and create a Europe wide internationale of nationalists with national organizations from all European people.” These statements are aimed to create panic in an effort to generate publicity for groups that have limited membership and need all the media attention they can generate.

Yes, there are nationalist groups all over Europe, in east Europe they assault Romas and immigrants in an effort to secure popular support. They may garner a few hundred for a march but their bark is more effective than their bite. They never secure more than five to seven percent of a vote which is normal in all societies. The world will never eliminate such groups, they live on the fringe and will remain there unless people may dramatic shifts in attitudes. Focus on jobs, peace, building bridges between ethnic and religious groups and nationalists will remain in the darkness of fear.

Human Rights Worker Attacked In Russia

Russia is termed a democratic society because there are elections and, in theory, there is freedom of speech and the press, but in all too many cases those who stand for the rights of those in opposition to the government all too often wind up beaten into unconsciousness by unknown assailants. Lev Ponomaryov arrived home only to be greeted by thugs who beat him so bad he was sent to a hospital. Amnesty International once again called on President Medvedev to take a stand against this hooliganism which was spawned under the regime of Prime Minister Putin. Ponomaryov said bluntly: “I am firmly convinced that this was not a casual attack by hooligans but revenge.”

Ponormaryov has been attending the trial of former Yukos head Mikhail Khodorkovsky who was imprisoned for daring to stand up to Putin. The human rights activist has also been meeting with representatives from Europe rights groups. This is not the first time he has been beaten and this is not the first time those who stand for human rights in Russia are beaten, and, in some cases like that of human rights lawyer, Stanislav Markelov they are killed.

President Medvedev was a lawyer who promised to respect human rights. He still has not carried out his promises.

Death Of Russian Rights Activists

Hundreds of people in St. Petersburg protested the killing last week of Russian activists who were fighting for human rights and the establishment in Russia of a legal system predicated on law and due process. Stanislav Markelov, a lawyer who had taken on human rights cases and fought against neo-Nazi groups. Protestors held flowers, candles, and carried pictures not only of Markelov, but of the slain journalist Anastasia Baburova. Naturally, the police claimed those expressing support for human rights in Russia were interfering with the movement of pedestrians.

The tragedy of modern Putin Russia is the absence of a strong government commitment to civil rights and due process. Those who stand up against neo-Nazis groups in the country are harassed and denied basic rights of protest. In Putin Russia, silence is the official manner in which one can express protest about violations of human rights. Hopefully, one day, the Russian people will enjoy a democratic society in which the forces of civil rights dominate society.

Racial Tension In Czech Republic As Neo-Nazis Riot

It was the 19th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution which freed people from control of the communists and it should have been a day in which people gathered to celebrate the joys of freedom. However, 600 right wing extremists confronted 1,000 police in the town of Litvinov where they had come to protest what they termed the inability of local authorities to handle its Roma population. The black-clad bullies and thugs who apparently desired to emulate their Nazi heroes, clashed with the police in their attempt to break through a barrier which separated them from the Roma population of the city. By the end of the day, seven police officers and seven of demonstrators were injured.

If not for the police there would have been serious injuries on both sides since the Romas were determined to fight back. The sad aspect of the story is the continued inability of a democratic society to recognize they can not establish democracy as long as some members of the community are treated like second class citizens.

German Government Cancels Cologne Race Rally

German police cancelled an anti-Islamic congress planned for this past weekend in Cologne after leftist and right wing groups clashed in the streets. The group Pro-Cologne organized the rally in order to protest a decision of the city government to allow construction of a mosque with a high dome and minarets. Right wingers had urged nationalist groups from around Europe to join in their protest against the right of Muslims to practice their religion. Police estimated at least 40,000 people were protesting the right wing assembly. The protests began rather peacefully, but Friday evening participants engaged in violent fighting with one another.

The Pro-Cologne movement is merely a symptom of a sickness that pervades many European nations. Despite the horror of World War II which witnessed the results of hate on a scale previously unknown in human history, right wing fanatics continue not merely to deny the Holocaust or death of gays and Romas, but their own inability to recognize the humanity of those who differ. They are a rather sick group of people who are in need of psychological aid.

The government of Silvio Berlusconi ran for election on a platform that was blatantly anti-immigrant, anti-Roma and anti-Muslim. It is not surprising that hatred of minorities is rather commonplace in Italy. Two recent riots highlighted how Berlusconi and the right wing have transformed their society into a hotbed of prejudice. At Caserta, a seaside resort north of Napeles, African demonstrators overturned cars and burned rubbish in anger over recent gangland killings of six African immigrants. A day later, thousands demonstrated their frustration in Milan over the killing of a young boy who stole a biscuit from a restaurant. The police claim that drug lords in Naples killed six African drug dealers who would not pay the increase required of them by dominant gang leaders.

These demonstrations reflect frustration and bitterness at being in a society in which if one’s skin is black or if one is identified as a Roma, authorities will treat the individual as someone who is inferior and not due respect as a “real Italian.” If a nation’s leader sanctions prejudice, it is not surprising that thugs and neo-Nazis will come to believe they have carte blanche to attack and murder.

Nazi Issues Still Alive In Sweden

A half century ago Adolf Hitler died in the rubble that was Berlin, but his spirit still lives on in rather quirky ways in nations such as Sweden. About seventeen new groups have been formed in Sweden over the past two years which apparently think Adolf Hitler has something to offer young people in the 21st century. There now are about 30 such neo-Nazi groups who, for the most part, are local in nature and conduct their violence against people within their own communities. Nazi groups tend to focus their recruiting efforts on high school students and get them into organizations where one can wear a uniform, salute, do some marching, and beat up immigrants of gays and lesbians, all in the name of the dead Hitler.

Ironically, the craze to get involved with Hitler has extended to left wing groups where one recently offered a $90 reward to anyone who could beat up one of these young Neo-Nazi teenagers. During the recent Olympics, sports commentator Rickard Olsson, ripped into Germany’s female soccer team with the remark: “There is something about Hitler that somehow makes it difficult to feel sorry for them when they get slaughtered at football. You just think, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler…”

The German people have confronted evils in their past and made genuine efforts to make all children in their nation aware of Hitler’s evil. Perhaps, Swedish schools might learn some lessons in anti-Nazism from Germany. As for German female soccer players, they were all born decades after Hitler’s death and should be respected as women, as Germans, and as athletes.

Unnoticed Murders In Germany And Neo-Nazis

Two young men were killed in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt within the space of a few days with suspicion both were victims of neo-Nazis, but the media has remained relatively quiet about these incidents. Rick L., a twenty year old art student, was brutally beaten to death by man identified as Rastian O. Bastian O. is a right wing extremist who has several previous convictions for similar attacks. A few days later, Marcel W. , who had just turned 18, was found with knife wounds lying in a pool of his own blood. His assailant is believed to be David B. another neo-Nazi with a criminal record for violent offences. The news of their deaths was not even reported in national daily newspapers.

Last week, when reporters from Der Spiegel asked a comment from the press office of the Interior Ministry about the murders, it was apparent they were not even aware of the second murder. The fact the two murderers are members of radical right wing extremist organization apparently is of scant interest to the Interior Ministry.

According to the Der Spiegel investigation, David B has been involved in neo-Nazi activities since elementary school. He has consistently created problems in his apartment building an threatened people who dared question him regarding his activities. A mystery surrounding the death of Marcel is how he came to be in David B.’s apartment given that Marcel was terrified of the skin heads.

These simply may be two isolated incidents that have scant import for the general German society or they can be symptoms of underlying issues festering within the society. Perhaps, it is time for the Interior Ministry to become more engaged with such incidents.

Neo-Nazis Use Internet As Weapon Of Attack

Neo-Nazis in Germany are using the Internet as part of their campaign to intimidate and silence those who oppose their message of hate. Left-wing politicians and activists are discovering their names, photos, and addresses published on web sites in order to encourage these two bit thugs to resort to messages of hate and violence. The police are powerless in most cases to do anything about posting messages filled with anger on a web site. Rainer Sauer, a politician from Bocholt, has received countless insults and death threats via the Internet. He has discovered Nazi symbols painted on his garage door and shots fired in front of his home. There are an estimated 1,700 far right wing Web sites in Germany.

A judge in Kiel sentenced a member of the right wing National Democratic Party to pay a fine. Within days, his address was published on a Web site along with information about his children and urgings to pay him a visit. Trade unionist Ruth B. had words sprayed on the wall of her house and her car was painted by neo-Nazis as a warning.

The Internet is a source of democracy and has strengthened forces of free speech, but along with all important innovations in expanding human rights come the lap dogs of terror and hate trailing in its wake.

Neo Nazis Attack Feminists In Sweden

There are small but rather active neo-Nazis cliques in Sweden who crop up with attacks on immigrants or, in this case, women. At least seven people attending a festival that was promoting feminism in the town of Osterfarnebo in east central Sweden were attacked by a group of neo-Nazis thugs. The men drove around the area in a car shouting “seg heil” and doing Nazis salutes according to police investigators. A group of college students were leaving the scene of a festival honoring women when, accordng to eye witnesses, a group of Nazis or skinheads, got out of the car and confronted the students whom they proceeded to physically assault as they shouted, “seig heil.”

The police did not arrest anyone and indicated they knew of the existence in the area of neo-Nazis and skinheads who enjoy those who fight for women rights or defend the rights of immigrants. This was the first time this isolated and idyllic community ever encountered neo-Nazis goons.