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German Neo-Nazi Party Remains A Political Force

Sixty three years after the end of Nazism, Germany has a political organization, the National Democratic Party, whose views are blatantly racist, and anti-semitic. Although, the German constitution prevents the government from banning the party, there is now an effort to cut off its government funding. At present the NDP obtains nearly 40% of its funding from state sources. Most observers believe if the NDP lost state funding it would have difficulty surviving as a viable political force. However, it is still unclear if a party which has not been banned can have its government subsidy cut off.

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency has termed the NPD as hostile to Jews, non-whites and Muslims. In fact, NPD officials have praised Iranian President Ahmadinejad for saying Israel should be removed from the map. It is ironic the Muslim hating group supports a Muslim leader. Polls in Germany indicate about 80% of the population regards the NPD as undemocratic and damaging to the nation’s world image. The major question is whether attempting to ban or cut off funding for the NPD would backfire and only enhance its prestige among disaffected people.

A ban on a political party invariably results in making it stronger. It is best to allow the public to decide the fate of the NPD by refusing to vote for it.