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Mao Trouble Brewing In Nepal

Nepal’s Maoists indicated they would not assume responsibility for forming a government even though its party holds the largest number of seats in parliament. This decision came shortly after rival parties banded together to defeat the Maoist candidate for president and elect someone who came from a centrist political party. Maoist guerrilla forces led the rebellion which ended monarchy in Nepal after bloody years of fighting which resulted in over 13,000 deaths. Although, the presidential office is basically a symbolic one and does not carry with it extensive power, Maoists apparently believe they were insulted by the vote.”We have no moral basis for the formation of government,” said a spokesperson, and “our party gladly accepts the place of opposition in Nepali politics.”

Political leaders in Nepal believe it is important to have Maoists actively engaged in day-by-day governing activities in order to have them focus on the reality of government rather than spouting cliches about power to the people. Maoists constitute the largest bloc in parliament which will create difficulties for another government to push through its political ideas.