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PM Netanyahu Admits He Is A Liar!

A video is circulating on various websites which depicts Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talking with Jewish settlers in 2001 in which he blatantly admits to lying to the United States of America about peace in the Middle East. He tells settlers that “I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction.” He goes on to say a goal is to destroy the Palestinian Authority and strike, “not just one blow, but blows that are so painful, they will be too heavy to be borne.” In the most shocking piece of the video, he admits to lying to President Clinton. “The Americans asked me before the election If I’d honor (the Oslo Accord), I said I would, but… I’m going to interpret the accords in such a way that would allow me to put an end to this galloping forward to the 67 borders.” Netanyahu goes on to describe Bill Clinton as “extremely pro-Palestinian” and boasts “I was not afraid to clash with Clinton.”

The only question left is how could Israel allow such an admitted liar to lead their nation? How could anyone trust anything this liar says he agrees to fulfill? The American people got rid of their lying President Nixon, now it is time for Israel to cast out their lying prime minister.

Obama Misunderstands Netanyahu!

President Obama happily greeted Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, they chatted, smiled at one another, and then Netanyahu left with a grin on his face because once again, he read the president and walked out with everything he desired. Khaled Amayreh, reporting in Al Ahram, charges the Israel government is preparing the largest land grab on Palestinian land in East Jerusalem. The plan entails building thousands of Jewish-only apartments in East Jerusalem that will be constructed on land owned by Palestinians. At present, the estimated 270,000 Arabs in East Jerusalem are confined to 13% of the land while Jews control about 85% of the area. Palestinian Authority spokesperson Ghassan Al-Khatib, made clear “I don’t believe that the peace process will withstand the reported plan to expand Jewish settlement in Jerusalem. In fact, the main goal of that plan is to kill any remaining hope for peace.”

There is no evidence President Obama made clear to Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu that building in East Jerusalem was a peace killer. Instead, Obama, demonstrated he has the backbone of a chocolate eclair when it comes to standing firm against a bully. He allowed himself to be bullied by Wall Street, he allowed himself to be bullied by Republicans, and he has essentially killed hope for peace by allowing Netanyahu to get away with murder. Bibi read Obama correctly, never give in to what he wants, use words to convey you believe in peace, but never do anything to translate words into action. Words suffice for Barack Obama. Mr. President, Bibi is NOT going to halt settlements, and by not ceasing the seizure of Arab land he seeks to provoke Palestinians into violence. It is a game, not a peace process. Once Palestinians resort to violence, Bibi will shout to the world that Palestinians can never be trusted and then he will announce more and more settlements.

Abbas-Netanyahu Impasse Continues

One senses after over a half century of conflict and refusal to reach an agreement, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will be a topic of conversation in 2110. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would like to engage in some form of dialogue with President Abbas in order to get President Obama off his back, but the two opponents are deadlocked over which one will enter discussions without guarantees their ideas will be the focus of negotiation. Of course, Netanyahu may still be centered in the old saying of former Israel prime minister Ben-Gurion who mockingly insisted Israelis should not be concerned with what Gentiles(and, Muslims) said, but what Jews want to do. At some point there can not be an agreement unless Netanyahu agrees to some form of joint governance of Jerusalem and limits the amount of land Israelis will keep of the West Bank. Abbas is prepared to allow Israel control of some portions of the West Bank in exchange for territory exchange, and an agreement concerning Palestinian refugees that is an “agreed and just solution.”

Ironically, both sides can secure about 90% of what they desire if they so desire peace. The question is whether both men are so anxious for peace that they will defy extremists in their own camp.

Bibi Wants Step Forward, Step Back

The fiasco of attacking civilians on Turkish ships appeared to have shook many leaders of the Israel government and made them conscious they can no longer continue unilateral policies that ignore American, EU, and regional interests. Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu announced an easing of the Gaza blockade which met with widespread approval, and allowed the Obama administration to sense things were progressing on the path towards peace in the Middle East. Unfortunately, Netanyahu refused to include moderate Israelis to join his Cabinet and continues relying on right wing religious fanatics. The Likud Central Committee announced the prime minister was dropping opposition to further construction in Jerusalem and the West Bank and building would shortly commence. This action is bound to infuriate President Obama and American military commanders who want stability in the region as they pursue the surge in Afghanistan. Construction of new settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank will halt any possible efforts at diplomacy.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has to decide if his goal is regional peace or is his goal maintaining a coalition of fanatics who prefer war, death and destruction to the possibility of peace. He took a step forward in relaxing the Gaza blockade, if settlements resume, it dooms chances for peace. Can President Obama allow a resumption of violence in Palestinian areas to emerge while US troops are risking their lives in Afghanistan?

The Decline And Fall Of Moralism In Israel

There is sadness in discussing the latest episode in the history of Israel which once was a nation admired for its democracy and its ability to utilize creative thinking. Today, it is an insecure, confused and panicky country which believes in the power of force where once it believed in the power of ideas as a means to attain success. For years it has blockaded the Gaza Strip because an Israel solider was captured and therefore a million people must suffer for this terrible act. Of course, for years, Israel has captured dozens of Palestinians, but, when Israel captures or kills a Palestinian it is simply acting to defend itself. David Grossman, writing in the UK, Guardian, notes how Israel is trapped in a corruptive process. “One has the sense that a sullied and bloated political system, fearfully aware of the steaming mess produced over the years by its own inactions and malfunctions, and despairing of the possibility to undo the endless triangle it has wrought, becomes even more inflexible in the face of pressing and complicated challenges , losing in the process the qualities that once typified Israel and its leadership — freshness, originality, creativity.”

What will happen as a result of the attack on the ships? Anyone familiar with the region knows, at this very moment, some Muslim group is planning a bombing attack on an Israel cafe or movie theater or building in hope of avenging those killed by IDF commandos. Of course, once the bombing occurs, Prime Minister Netanyahu will argue that Palestinians are evil and there is need to institute more restrictions and he will expand settlement construction and there will be more bombings and the cycle will go on and on. As Grossman notes, “this insane operation shows how far Israel has declined.”

The world is not at fault. Palestinians are not at fault. The fault lies within the souls of Israelis who have allowed a man like Benjamin Netanyahu to govern their nation. This is written by an American who knows how his nation also blundered when it allowed George Bush to become president.

Would Israel Be Better Off With Keystone Cops Leading?

Once upon a time, the state of Israel was regarded as a democratic society which served as a model of human rights, today, it has become among the most despised nations in the world. Industry, Trade and Labor Minister, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer just returned from a trip to Europe where he discovered anger bordering on hatred toward Israel and people who once supported his country now expressed fury at its thuggish behavior toward Palestinians. A basic problem is the dysfunctional government in charge of the country. Defense Minister Ehud Barak supports the two state solution and wants settlement construction to halt. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he is both for a freeze on construction and he is against a freeze. Interior Minister Eli Yishai opposes a construction freeze while Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch insists illegal housing will be destroyed. And, in the background is the raving idiot Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman who recently was described by a North Korean Cabinet spokesperson as “an imbecile in diplomacy.”

Netanyahu could readily put together a Cabinet that would allow progress in peace negotiations. It would enable Barak to be the point person and within months there would be a compromise solution and peace for decades. Instead, the people of Israel have made the decision for dysfunction and destruction by allowing Netanyahu to be in charge of a Cabinet of fools.

Netanyahu, The Magician, Now You See It, Now, Don’t

It increasingly becomes clear that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to cast his future with the right wing of Israel even if it means conflict with the United States. His current Cabinet is a coalition of conservative and religious groups whose vision of Israel is that it should extend from the sea to wherever it can go. A few people from the Labor party are in the Cabinet, but most likely they will be dumped in favor of even more representatives from parties like Yisrael, Shas, Likud and Beiteinu. Netanyahu is willing to gamble that by refusing to budge one inch, it will force Barack Obama to defy Israel and risk losing Jewish voters this fall to the Republican party. If Republicans win in the fall, it strengthens Netanyahu and dooms any hope of compromise with Palestinians.

The question is what can President Obama do about this gamble? So far, he is sending mixed signals. A recent article by his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel was pro-Israel while an article by George Mitchell’s adviser, Martin Indyk was hostile to Israel. If Obama fails to take a strong stand with Netanyahu he dooms hope of peace. Obama must also gamble that Netanyahu can not defy America and survive.

Who blinks first is the question?

Israel Pledges To Remain Strong But Pursue Peace

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his nation it was important to remain strong and any signs of weakness encourage those who seek war to pursue that path. “Over the years,” he said, we have learned that the olive branch of peace will be achieved only if we remain strong, only if we are prepared to defend ourselves…” He insisted that Israel has repeatedly extended its hand in peace and “our hand is still outstretched.” His metaphor is interesting, a hand extended in peace with guns behind it to ensure the offer will be accepted–but, on whose terms?

There are many ways in which leaders and nations demonstrate “being strong.” Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King did it through non-violence which demonstrated the power of peace and love rather than the power of guns. If Israel is truly committed to peace, it will recognize legitimate rights of Palestinians just as they expect Palestinians to end any thought of destroying Israel. Sometimes, the olive branch and ACTIONS are the only thing required to achieve peace.

American Jews On Obama And Israel

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu operates on the assumption that President Obama fears losing the American Jewish vote and will not take a strong stand against his nation’s refusal to negotiate with Palestinians. He expects to wear out Obama by simply refusing to take any action and trust to the president backing down in the face of a possible American Jewish defection to Republicans in the upcoming election. The 2010 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion conducted by the American Jewish Committee reports American Jews have the exact opposite views than Netanyahu. At least 55% support Obama’s Israel policy whereas only 6% of Israelis regard him as a friend. Over 70% of American Jews believe the United States foreign policy is supporting Israel.

The down side of the survey reveals most American Jews believe Palestinians seek to destroy the state of Israel. Netanyahu can continue being defiant and stubborn, but the winds of change are apparent in the Middle East. There are strong indications the American military is demanding peace in the Middle East in order to pursue their campaign against terrorist groups. When push comes to shove American Jews will support that policy.

Can Holocaust Be Used For Every Problem?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raised the issue of another Holocaust several days after a Vatican official compared the “suffering” of Pope Benedict XVI to the brutality inflicted on Jews during the Holocaust. According to the Israel leader Jews in Israel are today in a comparable situation to that which confronted European Jews during the Holocaust. It is uncertain whether or not Netanyahu wishes Jews to flee from Israel to the safety of Argentine. At the Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony, Netanyahu told the audience, “the world gradually accepts Iranian statements of destruction against Israel and we still do not see the necessary international determination to stop Iran from arming.” Ironically, his comments came days after he turned down an invitation to attend the largest gathering of nations for the topic of nuclear disarmament.

Even as Bibi spoke, Chinese President Hu and President Obama agreed there was need for controls on Iran’s nuclear program. Netanyahu has refused to cooperate with the United States to defuse the situation in the Middle East.

We still do not grasp exactly what Bibi means when he states the world does not take Iran seriously. President Obama has been non-stop in criticizing Iran and has been working for nuclear controls. Frankly, the only nation not interested in cooperating to halt Iran is—Israel!!