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PM Netanyahu Digs Deeper Hole Of Obstinacy

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu operates on the assumption one can not trust any Muslim or Arab and the best way to deal with such low life creatures is to rub their noses in the dirt. He informed the United States that he would not attend a meeting which will discuss the proliferation of nuclear weapons and will send his deputy. Reports indicate he does not wish to be in a meeting in which other nations can ask questions or discuss Israel’s nuclear arsenal. The world knows Israel has nuclear weapons, so there is no mystery in being asked what everyone knows you possess. His decision is consistent with a policy of denying reality and believing talking with one’s enemy is equivalent to accepting they have valid arguments.

In the midst of Netanyahu’s blunders in dealing with the United States is growing fear that at some point President Obama will put forth an American version of a peace settlement in the Middle East. On one hand, Netanyahu refuses to negotiate with Palestinians, on the other hand, he is furious that America might propose solutions. The bottom line is Netanyahu has surrounded himself with right wing zealots who hate Arabs and believe no change will result in no change. It is a theory.

Is Netanyahu, Netanyahu’s Worst Enemy?

Ari Shavit writing in Haaretz raises the question as to whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau’s worse enemy is himself. There is no question of his intelligence, his ability to stimulate an economy, and his grasp of many intricate issues. But, says Shavit, “after a year in power, it is abundantly clear that today, the person causing the greatest injustice to Benjamin Netanyahu is Benjamin Netanyahu. It was Netanyahu who formed a government that had no future. It was Netanyahu who put together an unworthy governing team. It was Netanyahu who appointed a foreign minister(the goon, Avigdor Lieberman) who shames Netanyahu the statesman….It was Netanyahu whose bunker mentality has led the Netanyahu government to a dead end.” By any reasonable standard, the Netanyahu foreign policy is a failure which has resulted in angering former allies such as Turkey, the UK, the United States and even the EU.

Shavit emphasizes that time after time his friends urged that he act and outline sensible plans for peace, but he preferred to walk the straight line to disaster. What must Netanyahu do, asks Shavit: “He must understand that Israel the occupier endangers itself. He must understand that without a sharp change in diplomatic direction, Israel will not withstand the battle.”

A first step would be to fire the two bit goon, Avigdor Lieberman, who is the foreign minister and appoint someone who possesses diplomatic skills. He must place a freeze on new housing construction for at least one year, and that includes Arab areas of Jerusalem. To save face, proceed with building in predominantly Jewish areas. Netanyahu might call Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and urge a meeting whose goal is producing a specific peace plan–that will work!

How Different Is Netanyahu From Other Israel Leaders?

On the eve of Passover in which the youngest boy asks his elders, “why is this night different from all other nights?” many Israelis are asking, “why is our current prime minister different from all other prime ministers?” Benjamin Netanyahu, by his stubborn refusal to engage in honest negotiations with Palestinian leaders has created a crisis with the American government that is unprecedented in the history of Israel. There are reports the US delegation at the Security Council, instead of using a veto to protect Israel, will abstain if a proposal is put forth condemning Israel action in building houses in Arab sections of Jerusalem. Israel officials have asked the White House if the US will use its veto, but have been unable to receive a response. There are also reports the European Union will support such a resolution in the UN.

Isaac Herzog, leader of the Labor Party which is part of the Netanyahu government indicated his party might decide to leave the government. “Labor will reach its moment of truth after Passover when it will have to decide whether or not to stay in the coalition.” A new poll reveals that 53% of Israelis are not satisfied with the Netanyahu leadership and 48% felt Israel’s international standing was very poor.

President Obama must hold firm if he cares about the nation of Israel.

Israel Defiant And Stands For Conflict!

Benjamin Netanyahu is a determined man, determined to carry out his ideas regardless of the implication for his nation and the cause of peace. Many charge Netanyahu is insistent about the importance of constructing new housing in areas of Jerusalem in which Palestinians are the majority because his goal is to rebuild Jerusalem as a Jewish city. He shrugged off reports that his coalition is behind his stubborn refusal to display moderation in order to entice Palestinians to the negotiation table. “I, myself, plan to continue building in Jerusalem” and the coalition has nothing to do with it, and that better be understood by President Obama and Hillary! To make clear to one and all that Benjamin speaks for large numbers of Israelis, the Eretz Yisrael Lobby in the Knesset urged him to “oppose any gesture to the Palestinians as a condition for renewed talks.”

There is an old legend about an “Appointment in Samarra” in which a servant, seeing Death in the marketplace urges his master to flee to Samarra. After his master leaves, the servant meets Death in the marketplace and berates him for frightening his master. Death replies, ‘I was just passing through your city, I have an appointment in Samarra.”

Israel has an appointment in Samarra and it will meet Death in that place.

Netanyahu Plays For Votes In Israel, Not For Peace!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was delighted to speak before an assembly of Jews who represent the American Israel Public Affairs Committee since the group only knows one answer when posed who is responsible for lack of peace in the Middle East–them damn Arabs! Netanyahu used all the correct code words such as the people of Israel are building in Jerusalem and “Jerusalem is not a settlement. It is our capital” and every nation has a right to build in its capital! He was determined to show the world that Benjamin does not bow down before anyone and that includes the president of the United States or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Such rhetoric plays well among conservative Jews for whom the idea that Israel shares the blame for lack of peace negotiations is equivalent to saying if someone was murdered it was their own fault for getting in the way of the bullet.

Hopefully, in private meetings with Clinton some semblance of logic and reason will re-enter his mind. Peace requires compromise, peace requires each side to give in, and peace requires listening to the ideas of others.

Israelis Back Barack Obama!

Despite attempts by the Israel lobby and news media such as Fox News, surveys of Israelis report a majority support efforts of President Obama to bring peace to their nation and the Middle East. According to Haaretz, a new poll conducted by Professor Carl Fuchs do not believe Obama is anti-semitic nor do they believe he is hostile to the interests of their nation. “A sweeping majority of Israelis think his(Obama) treatment of this country is friendly and fair according to a Haaretz-Dialog poll conducted this week.” Although 48% support continued housing construction, a significant 41% agree with American efforts to halt the construction. More people said Netanyahu’s behavior was irresponsible than say he acted in a responsible manner.

The Haaretz poll indicates that Israelis have not turned their back on Netanyahu but neither are they overwhelmed with his performance.

Israel-US Ties At Record Low Says Ambassador

Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the United States told the media his nation’s relations with America had dramatically declined due to the decision of building 1,600 housing units in E. Jerusalem. “Israel’s ties with the United States are in their worse crisis since 1975″ and it has now become “a crisis of historic proportions.” Of course, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes the entire problem stems from a “bureaucratic mistake.” Two forces are in operation, one from the Obama administration which seeks to unite Arab nations in a coalition to thwart Iran and Israel leaders who inhabit their own fantasy world in which their nation can do as it please and the hell with the Arabs. Prime Minister Netanyahu is pushing President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton into a corner, and the result may wind up with America pushing back in a fashion unheard of by Israel’s leaders.

This is not 1967 when Israel could wipe out Arab forces with some dramatic air attacks. The United States will lose support from Arab nations and Israel will unleash a second Jihad that will result in countless deaths. Why? Because Benjamin Netanyahu has sold out his nation in order to get votes of religious fanatics.

Insult America? OK, As Long As You Are Israel!

Barack Obama was blasted by Fox News and the right wing media for bowing to the emperor of Japan and termed a weakling who had insulted America. But, for some reason, Fox News is not upset when the Israel government insults the vice president of our country. Joe Biden was in Israel to reaffirm America’s commitment to its security and support for peace efforts that could end the threat of violence for Israelis. Even as he spoke, the Netanyahu government announced the government had approved construction of 1,600 new houses in E. Jerusalem, an action bound to infuriate Palestinians. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Netanyahu to make clear the action was “insulting to the United States” and since he headed the Israel government it was his fault.

David Axelrod, an aide to Obama who many Israelis hoped with be their voice in the American government repeated Clinton’s statement by saying “it was an insult” but even more insulting was effort by the Israel government to “undermine” Middle Eastern peace efforts.

Isn’t it about time the US withdrew its ambassador to Israel for one month as a sign of our growing anger toward the Netanyahu government’s efforts to thwart peace?

Obama-Withdraw US Ambassador From Israel!!

Israel leaders for half a century have sought opportunities to work with Palestinian leaders interested in peace, and finally individuals like President Abbas have appeared and committed to peace negotiations. On Sunday, Palestinian officials announced they were willing to re-enter negotiations despite anger over continued housing settlement in the West Bank. So, what does the Israel government decide on Tuesday– they will construct 1,600 new houses in East Jerusalem for ultra Orthodox Jews!! Vice President Joe Biden who is in Israel to further peace efforts reacted with anger at the announcement. “I condemn the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem.” He was upset at the timing of the decision, particularly the launching of new discussions between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

As Joe Biden noted, the decision undermines efforts at peace and at this time there is need to build an atmosphere to support negotiations, “not complicate them.” There is only one decision open to the United States government–withdraw its ambassador from Israel and announce an end to any aid until the Netanyahu government gets serious about peace talks.

Netanyahu To Russia Tell Iran-NO!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Russia to delay delivery of an advanced air defense system to Iran and won a grudging OK to his request. He also discussed with the Russian president several issues related to Hamas. Netanyahu expressed displeasure that Russia engaged in discussions with Hamas leaders, but admitted the reality of that organization’s existence and asked Medvedev to convey from him to Hamas that he was willing to release some Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the captured Israeli solider, Gilad Shalit, but would not agree to the large number demanded by Palestinians.

It appears Russian leaders are aware of the growing crisis between Iran and Western nations so they have decided to hold back on a total commitment to Iran. They also discussed an upcoming meeting between Medvedev and President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. The Israel leader made clear he would not agree to preconditions in any discussion with Abbas. “Why must we pay for the right to sit with somebody?” Good question. Perhaps, Netanyahu can explain why Palestinian leaders have been told there will be no discussion about refugees who left Palestine in 1948. Is that an example of, “preconditions?”