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Netanyahu Bully Tactics Work!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the proverbial school yard bully who pushes people around and that justifies his behavior on ground they sometimes push back. He has absolutely no interest in securing a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority that recognizes the rights of Palestinians. After playing word games with special envoy George Mitchell that said he would freeze settlement construction it turns out he refers to settlement housing construction in the future, not the present.

President Obama is trying to bring together Netanyahu, Palestinian leader Abbas and himself to a three party meeting in Washington. Abbas declined any three party meeting since it is clear the Israel government is NOT interested in peace. Naturally, the bully boy, Netanyahu exclaimed that he “warmly welcomed” such a session.

It is time for President Obama to make clear to Israel there will be no further aid, there will be no further cooperating with Israel until its government becomes serious about peace.

Netanyahu Settlement Is More Settlements!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has yet to grasp that George Bush is no longer president of the United States and building more settlements on the West Bank in defiance of international law will no longer be ignored. President Obama was planning to bring together leaders of Israel and Palestine in order to revive peace talks, but that is impossible as long as Israel builds and builds more houses on the West Bank and refuses to acknowledge the rights of Palestinians to land they were promised in the UN Partition Plan.

Special envoy George Mitchell increasingly is becoming more and more frustrated at the obstructionist behavior of Netanyahu whose idea of a “settlement freeze” is promising to continue building houses but not as many as originally planned. Mitchell knows he can not persuade Netanyahu to cease his games. Israel wants to build 2,500 homes, continue building in East Jerusalem, and may agree to a six month freeze before resuming building.

There is no evidence Israelis have any conception their settlement policy damages the safety and security of their nation. Obama will just have to be blunt– no settlement freeze, no further assistance from the United States, you are on your own.

Shame Of West Bank Housing

Forty years ago, Israel forces swept into the West Bank and drove out its Jordanian defenders. The assumption of Israel leaders was for negotiation to begin with Arab nations for some sort of permanent peace which would include return of the West Bank to an Arab government. Forty years later the West Bank is home to hundreds of thousands of Israelis who occupy the territory in violation of international law. Prime Minister Netanyahu insists there must be housing construction in order to meet the housing needs of an expanding population. He recently announced that further construction would halt after the current hundreds of houses go up in order to prove to President Obama that he was willing to compromise.

Neither Benjamin Netanyahu nor any other current Israel leaders have the moral courage to compromise on West Bank housing. Chaim Levinson, writing in Haaretz, noted that housing construction has been going on for years, sometimes with permission, sometimes without. In
Ariel he discovered a children’s adventure park that was built prior to any official sanction, but within the past week, the Israel government gave such permission. He found hundreds of houses going up on condition they be completed within two months.

Each house that rises makes peace agreements with Palestinians that much more difficult. There is no “freeze” on housing and when Netanyahu claims it will go into effect in a few months, he can not be trusted. Housing is going on without official permission as it has for years. He will not crack down on those illegal houses.

Who Does Netanyahu Think He’s Fooling?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues believing that Barack Obama is a black version of George Bush who will actually believe the hogwash the Israel leader spouts concerning ending west bank housing construction. Even as he indicated Israel might agree to institute a temporary freeze on housing construction, Netanyahu approved hundreds of new housing units! White House press secretary Robert Gibbs issued a strong response. “We regret the reports of Israel’s plans to approve additional settlement construction. As the president has said before, the United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued settlement expansion and we urge that it stop.!

On one hand, Netanyahu says his government is ready to adhere to the road map toward peace, but his actions speak louder than his words. President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority made clear he can not deal with peace negotiations if Netanyahu regards agreements as a scrap of paper to be tossed into the waste basket of turmoil.

What exactly do Israel political leaders expect Palestinians to do if agreements are constantly ignored?

Israel’s Policy Of Isolation Destroys Its Image

Over the past several years there increasingly is evidence both the government and people of Israel have lost concern that the remainder of the world does not agree with its policies in the Middle East. The entire nation has retreated into a cone of silence in which the same ideas are circulated as the only ones worthy of consideration in order to achieve peace. Perennial views are that Israel is always correct, no Palestinians can be trusted, “we have tried to negotiate and it failed, and it is much nicer living in a cave that is separated from the world outside. No doubt, this is comforting and peaceful, but hardly the manner in which a society should interact with the world.

The British Jewish Chronicle blasted Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who ignored the British people on a recent trip. “The truth is that for all they moan about coverage of the Middle East, they don’t actually care. They don’t care if the Brits wind up thinking they are warmongers. They don’t care if they are losing the PR war. And they don’t care if those of us who do care are left fuming at their refusal to do anything to help us counter Israel’s appalling image.”

Unfortunately, this attitude is slowly but surely resulting in loss of confidence among Americans that Israel has any desire for peace in the Middle East.

Shakespeare expressed clearly the current Israel attitude toward problems in the world: “the fault lies not in the stars but in yourselves.” Israel has created the current media anti-Israel attitude.

Netanyahu Hems And Haws About Peace

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s idea of a just peace is for Palestinians to accept the current reality of apartheid and end their legitimate rights to land the UN allocated to Arabs. The Obama administration is demanding an end to West Bank expansion, but the Israel leader insists Jews in the settlements have a right to a “normal life.” Unfortunately, what Netanyahu terms “normal” is hardly just for those whose lands have been taken and all too often their fields destroyed. The Israel prime minister insists he has the basis of a fair agreement with the United States on the issue of settlements.

Netanyahu also made clear, “Jerusalem is not a settlement an Israel will not accept limits on it sovereignty there.” These are the statements of a man who defends the status quo and is unable to reach out with vision as to what might constitute the basis for peace in the Middle East. President Obama has all too often endeavored to work with hard liners who do not seek compromise on health care, and we fear he is taking a similar approach in the Middle East.

Israel settlements on the West Bank must go. Perhaps, there can be a compromise which allows small areas to remain intact, but the status quo merely hinders peace in the Middle East.

No To Obama On West Bank!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is headed for the United States to discuss Middle Eastern issues with Obama, but there is not much hope anything positive will emanate from the discussions. Daniel Hirschkowtiz, head of Habayit Hayehudi, claimed he had been assured by Netanyahu that current policies will remain in place. “I can say confidently that I don’t think he will freeze natural growth in the settlements.” He expected some compromise that allows “natural growth” while pretending there is no expansion of west bank settlements.

Naturally, according to Herschkowitz, the president of the United States is pursuing policies that “are borderline anti-semitic.” Naturally, like all those in Israel who oppose an independent Palestine, the problem is never Israel, it is because “there is no partner” from the Arab side which desires peace. The only path to peace depends on trust and a willingness to deal with the present, and not inhabit the past.

Israel Consul In Boston Blasts Netanyahu

Israel’s consul-general in Boston sent a blunt message to his government concerning their incompetent manner of conducting foreign policy with the Obama administration. His three page letter was entitled: “Sad passing thoughts on Israel-US relations.” He was particularly concerned about public comments made by Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman which appeared to be playing to the Israel public rather than to working to have positive relations with the American government. He charged “there are people in the US and Israel who ideologically oppose Obama, and are willing to sacrifice the special relationship between the two countries in order to advance their political agenda.”

Unfortunately, too many Israelis and American Jews look approvingly at right wing ideologues like Rush Limbaugh or Lou Dobbs or Ann Coulter who hate Obama and believe their form of hatred somehow aids the people of Israel. Nadav Tamir warns the Netanyahu government that an “atmosphere of confrontation between the Israeli government and the Obama administration puts the American-Jewish community, which is so important to us, in a difficult position. Many of them are distancing themselves from the state of Israel because of this conflict.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that Tamir’s letter was “not worthy of a response.” This comment is the problem. Netanyahu’s rejection of working with American, European, and Arab leaders in an open environment of trust only serves to distance Israel, not only from the American-Jewish community, but from the world. One can build fences higher and higher, but they will never lead to peace.

Apres Moi, Le Deluge Boasts Benjamin Netanyahu!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has an appointment with Death and destruction and damned if he will hold back from pursuing that path to complete isolation of Israel in the world. The United States has made clear Israel has no right to build housing and commercial enterprises in the area around Jerusalem known as “E-1″for to do so would cut the West Bank in half and make impossible the ability of a future Palestinian government to have a united nation. In his recent election campaign, Netanyahu told Israelis, “I want to see one continuous string of build-up Jewish neighborhoods.” His argument is failing to have Jews build in this area would result in Palestinian construction. It appears Netanyahu is ready to challenge the United States, the European Union and the world, all in the name of Jews should “have the right to live and buy anywhere in Jerusalem.”

If we follow the logic of Benjamin Netanyahu that people can not be told where they can live, does this mean Palestinians can live in Jewish areas of Jerusalem? How about Saudi oil billionaires deciding to buy up large parts of Jewish areas in Jerusalem and then placing Palestinians in those areas?

President Obama is TRYING TO HELP ISAREAL! If current Israel policies of building without regard to Palestinian rights, there will be no peace and Israel will be condemned to fifty more years of war and violence. Israel must cease building houses and focus on building peace!

Netanyahu–America-Stay Out Of Our Playground!

The Israeli government is now infuriated because the Obama administration has mad clear a ban on settlement construction also includes East Jerusalem. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet that “Israel will not agree to edicts of this kind in East Jerusalem.” He made clear his government’s view that a “united Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people in the State of Israel, and our sovereignty over the city is not subject to appeal.” He then made a ridiculous comparison between forbidding Jews in New York or London from purchasing a home in certain parts of those cities. Obviously, the prime minister did not know until the 1960s, it was quite legal to forbid Jews from purchasing homes in many sections of American cities.

The issue is simple– will Israel abide by international law? According to international law an occupying army can not build homes for its citizens in occupied territory. Israel conquered Jordan in the 1967 war and seized control of east Jerusalem and the West Bank. Netanyahu can continue his ridiculous comparisons by he continually ignores that Israel does not own the land on which housing for its citizens is being constructed.

The prime minister and many Israelis who were dumb enough to vote for this man still do not realize that a majority of American Jews support the ideas of President Barack Obama and they are not “self-hating Jews.” Unlike, Israel Jews, they are intelligent and sophisticated Jews who seek peace and prosperity for the state of Israel and understand it can not come by use of guns.