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UN Begs Burma Leaders To Accept Help

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon pleaded with the military junta of Burma to please allow aid workers and supplies into their country in order to help those still suffering almost two weeks after a devastating cyclone hit the nation. “We urge the(Burmese) authorities to make a radical change in this area to allow international staff into the affected area to do the job that they are there to do.” The UN leader said the magnitude of the situation “requires much more mobilization of resources and aid workers.” The junta has agreed to accept some aid from its immediate neighbors of Thailand, Bangladesh, India and China who will be allowed to send in 160 humanitarian workers.

The secretary general has made repeated attempts to speak with General Than Shwe, who leads the military junta but he refuses to have any contact with the UN, let alone any foreigners who he regards as a threat to his power. At least 38,000 are dead and 27,000 are still missing but UN officials believe the tota will surpass the 100,000 figure.

The main concern of the military junta during the past few weeks has not been cyclone victims so much as ensuring their new constitution was passed by the people of Burma. Myanmar authorities confirm the constitution did pass by a winning margin of 92.4%. At least there is one thing the thugs who run Burma are good at– forcing people to vote for their constitution.