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Islamic Militants Set Off Blasts In New Dehli

In the simplistic world view of Bush, McCain and his ignorant side-kick, Sarah Palin, there is such as thing as “victory” in current struggles occurring in the Middle East and Asia. The past few days have witnessed a series of bombings in New Dehli which have caused the death of at least 21 and the wounding of over a 100. A group who calls itself, the Indian Mujahedin, claims responsibility for the bombings and promises there are more to come as part of its struggle against India. An email sent by them contained expressions such as “eye for eye,” or “the dust will not settle.”

The world is witnessing a chaotic situation which arises from ongoing Indian-Pakistan issues over Kashmir and clashes between religious fundamentalists in both nations. The Bush Republicans somehow believe these issues will come to an end with a “victory.” These concerns are linked to long term work in the area of economic, social and political efforts to create conditions which ensure a decent life for people. The resolution of topics such as Kahsmir require a give and take on the part of both sides. There, most probably, will never be a “victory” in the forseeable future, but there can be conditions of peace and security which result in shoving militants off to the side.