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Obamania Sweeps Over New Hampshire

Obamania is sweeping through New Hampshire like a winter wind bringing winds of change to the northeast. Latest polls indicate he now holds anywhere from 39% of the vote up to the forties while Clinton has dropped to about 29%. A fatigued Hillary Clinton vowed not to drop out of the race even if tomorrow’s news is a crushing defeat for her campaign. “It’s not easy. It’s not easy,” she told her supporters. “I just don’t want to see us fall backward.” The Iowa defeat and the coming defeat in New Hampshire has made Clinton adopts the Giuliani strategy of focusing on the large states.

Barack Obama has connected with the people of America while Senator Clinton appears trapped in the past of experience. The question confronting both candidates and political analysts is whether success in Iowa and New Hampshire will translate into victories all over the country. Is Obamania a quick spring rain that will vanish or is it the beginning of a powerful storm that will rage across America. In a sense, the future does not belong to Hillary Clinton, she is known for who she is and what she has accomplished. The future belongs to Barack Obama if he can convinced the American public there is substance behind the rhetoric of a charismatic voice.

Hillary’s Future Road– Up Or Down?

Tomorrow is an important date in the life of Senator Hillary Clinton. Just about every poll indicates she will lose to Barack Obama by about anywhere from 3% to 12% of the vote. Future political analysts will use the Hillary Clinton campaign as a case study in what not to do. She cast herself in the armor of “experience’ in a time when Americans were disgusted by their nation’s leadership. The last thing voters want is someone who has experience in failing. Hillary Clinton surrounded herself with “experts” ranging from her husband to those earning thousands of dollars advising her to play it safe and never reveal the person underneath the cold exterior of smugness. The experts sold a “package” rather than allowing a human to just be herself and show America that she not only had intelligence, but human compassion.

The post New Hampshire campaign will be much more important to Hillary Clinton. Will she engage in shrill attacks on Barack Obama? Will she go for the jugular and attempt to be tough? America is turning to Barack Obama because it seeks new ideas, new energy, and someone who will unite a nation divided by red and blue states. All signs point to the inability of Hillary Clinton to offer such a vision to America. Perhaps, the best thing she can do after tomorrow is to announce her support for Barack Obama and unite behind a candidate who will represent not merely the Democratic Party, but the nation.