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In Egypt, Print All The News Fit To Print, Sort Of…

Egyptian Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud has summoned reporters from three independent journals because they went ahead and printed stories they had been told were not to be printed in the democracy known as Egypt. Ahmed Shalaby, a reporter, told the Daily News, he was told not to print any information concerning a bribery case even though the government’s official mouthpiece, Al-Ahram, had printed the material. In the twisted world of Egyptian democracy, journalists receive instructions through their own journalist organization when certain types of information is not to be shared with the general public. The three newspapers who are being questioned only presented information in a factual manner, most of which had already been circulated by official sources.

Last week several newspapers were yanked off the news stands because they printed information about a murder case. The Mubarak government still doesn’t grasp that more information can only benefit the population, not less. The lack of information leads to whispers and rumors that can grow into monstrous lies such as the current one in many Arab nations that Jews were ordered not to report to work on 9/11.