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What Do We Know About Nidal Malik Hasan?

Major Nidal Malik Hasan is a member of the Muslim religion which for some Americans is sufficient evidence to convict each and every person of the Muslim religion as a part of a terror force seeking to kill Americans. There is scant doubt Major Hasan is a troubled man, quiet, introverted, a loner in life, a man who harbors intense emotions that are suppressed. The most interesting question about this episode is why didn’t army officials at least have this man referred to intensive counseling instead of allowing him to counsel those who had been in combat. So far, the only explanation is fear of being termed “anti-Muslim.” Ironically, Hasan thought he was the object of prejudice because he was a Muslim. There is sufficient evidence already suggesting he was open with anger toward the war in Iraq, had problems relating to those who served, and was not a happy camper in the armed forces.

On one hand, individuals can not be punished for opposing the Iraq war, on the other hand, being unable to relate to those who served in Iraq should disqualify an individual from being a counselor to members of the military. People are dead because of an inability or unwillingness to refer a sick individual for psychiatric care. That is the issue. It is not that Hasan was a member of the Muslim religion.