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Bush Doublespeak: No Iran Nuclear Weapons, But Danger!

President Bush told reporters, at one of his infrequent press conferences, that Iran was still a nuclear threat despite receiving a report from the National Intelligence Estimation(NIE) that Iran had halted work on nuclear weapons in 2003. The president said “they’re still trying to learn how to enrich uranium,” which is a step toward making nuclear weapons. He spoke of Iran’s duplicity in having a “covert uranium weapons program which they failed to discuss until today.” He argued that although Iran had halted its nuclear weapon program and focused on peaceful uses of nuclear energy, it still remains evident Iran could in the future resume a nuclear weapon program.

It is often difficult to follow the twisted logic of George Bush. The president and the vice president have been ranting and raving for over a year that Iran has a nuclear weapon program even though Iran constantly claimed he had no such program and was pursuing peaceful uses of nuclear energy. Now, an American intelligence estimate agrees that Iran was telling the truth so Bush turns everything upside down and claims that although Iran might have been telling the truth they really weren’t telling the truth because four years ago they did have a nuclear weapon program! But, Bush and Cheney have been arguing that President Ahmadinejad was the wild man who wanted atomic weapons even though the new intelligence estimate proves that Khatami, the reform predecessor of Ahmadinejad was in power when nuclear weapons were being worked on. In simple clear English that hopefully conservatives can grasp, the so-called man who was out of control and bent on nuclear weapons never had any such program.