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Is Nigeria A Failed State

Something is not only rotten in the state of Denmark, but the country of Nigeria stinks to high heaven with intrigue that Shakespeare would love and plots and machinations behind the scenes by the wife of its leader. Famed writer, Wole Soyinka blasted his own nation as falling apart as stories filled the newspapers about violence in the Niger delta where local groups are fighting the government over their right to oil revenues and in the center of Nigeria that was rocked when Muslims attacked a village of Christians and killed over 300. In the midst of this madness, the president of the country has not been in the country for months as he dealt with illness in a hospital in Saudi Arabia. He returned but his wife, Lay Tural Yar’Adula completely controls who has access to the leader of the nation!

Wole Soyinka has reached the sad conclusion that ‘the level of anger has peaked. I don’t rule out Nigeria breaking apart.” This is a nation with large oil reserves which have never been used to create a vibrant economy, but definitely used to enrich the few with billions.

Once Again Followers Of God Kill Rather Than Love

We inhabit a world in which most humans adhere to one or another religious belief based on the concept of a God up in the sky who preaches words of peace and love. During the past few hundred years, Christian and Muslim preachers of faith met in northern regions of Nigeria resulting in those being Muslim who are further to the north while as one goes south, people are Christian. Several weeks ago these groups met in Jos which is at the crossroads of the Muslim – Christian meeting place and hundreds were killed for one reason or another. Ordinarily these clashes result when group A claims that group B said or did something that offended their God. During the past few days, Muslim herders entered Christian villages and after firing weapons to get people to leave their home proceeded in a good spiritual manner to cut men, women and children to pieces.

Hundreds of police have been sent into action, but the problem is not one for police as much as for so-called “religious leaders” to begin practicing their religion rather than preaching about it. Peace comes from a loving God, not a hating one.

Death In Nigeria As Christians-Muslims Clash

One can only wonder how or why humans invented the concept of a God and then of a religion in their quest to emerge from primitive lives. There is no question religion has played an important historic role in establishing the basis for peace and kindness between people. Nigeria is an interesting example of how religion is a divisive force in human existence. Historically, the northern half of Nigeria became a center of the Muslim area while southern regions became Christian which created the basis for a divided country. The center region has witnessed the presence of both Christians and Muslims which apparently accelerates conflict.

During the past few weeks, religious violence has witnessed the death of over 450 people. According to Human Rights Watch at least 364 are Muslims although the exact figure for Christians has yet to be counted. Part of the conflict revolves around Muslim groups to institute Sharia law. At some point, Christians and Muslims in Nigeria have to take a step back and establish the basis of how divergent views can peacefully co-exist.

Nigeria Confronts Religious Conflict

Legacy of the past continues haunting the lives of people in the present. Nigeria was colonized by Europeans who left a legacy of the Christian religion. Nigeria was conquered by Muslim invaders who left their religion for the people. Today, northern Nigeria is mainly Muslim while southern regions are predominantly Christian. Since its birth as a nation, religious conflict has resulted in the death of over 10,000 humans. Nigeria has a broad region which lies in between the two areas and is often referred to as the nation’s “Middle East.” There is growing fear among Christians of a Muslim southern advance. After the recent failed airplane bombing by Muslim Farouk Abdulmutallab, several Christians wrote on the Internet about Muslims: “they are bastards, mixed with Arab blood to terrorize the world. They do not like education. They hate civilization and and I wonder why they still exist as part of the human race.”

Good news comes from people like Pastor James and Imam Muhammad Ashafa together preach the word of God–wether written as Allah or God– “No matter whether you are Christian or Muslim, have your religion but don’t kill anyone.” Amen


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Pirate Party Approved”
The walking the plank prank will be featured.

Sweden, The Local: “Well Paid Mothers Breast Feed More”
They have more in the bank to dispense.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Missing Cop Sighted On Highway”
The question is what was he seeking on the highway.

UK,The Independent: “Tycoon Faces Jail Over Missing $700 Million”
You mean he only stole $700 million! He deserves a bonus.

USA, New York Times: “Pope Says Societies Must Have God”
But, what is there is more than one God?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Spanking Hurts”

Nigeria, Daily Trust: ‘Nigerians Spend Millions On Imported Flowers”
Smell the roses in Nigeria is my plea.

Indonesia, Tempo: “Visitors Crowd Zoo”
Why go to the zoo to see animals, just hop over to Congress.

UK, The Independent: “Free Polanski”
Free Polanski and read Stopsky


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Israel, Haaretz: “US Jews Tell Catholics Won’t Accept Jesus As Savior”
A good Jewish boy, that is OK, but the savior business doesn’t register.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Suggestion Box At Fisherman’s Wharf”
I suppose they will receive a whale of good ideas.

Finland, Sanomat: “Forest Money Fleeing From Finland”
I thought it was building up Finland.

Oman, Oman Tribune: “Iran Brushes Off Argentine Criticism”
Oh well, we all know that Argentine is controlled by Zionist Rabbis.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Hurricane Bill Brings Downpour To Nova Scotia”
At least it’s not the hurricane Bill poured on America about Monica.

UK, Guardian: “Women Face Steep Climb To Top”
If they climb up, does that mean men must climb down?

China, Shanghai Times: “Homes Checked For Gas Leaks After Blast”
Wouldn’t it make more sense to check BEFORE the blasts?

Sweden, The Local: “Classified Military Documents Missing”
That’s as dangerous as “classified CIA documents missing.”

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Shortage Of Prayer Rooms In Workplace”
I suspect God really doesn’t want to get involved with money making.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Have You Heard Another Dumb Australian Joke”
Yeah. I hear it takes two Aussies to help a Pole to pug in the lamp.

Nigeria, Daily Trust: “Why Are Militants Not Surrendering Arms?”
“Militants Surrender Arms”
No comment.

What Now Nigeria After Bloodshed?

The days of violence which swept northern areas of Nigeria apparently have come to a quiet, if not controversial conclusion. Armed forces crushed the militant Boko Haram sect with severity and decisiveness. Governors of Nigeria met to discuss the situation which has left hundreds dead and scores wounded. They issued a public statement “we ned to be bold, courageous and decisive on matters that affect the security of lives and property of the citizens.”

governor Ali Sheriff who heads the state of Bono that a major cause of violence was the presence of clerics who preached violence in mosques and schools. He announced formation of a “preaching board” which would “ascertain that only qualified and reliable clerics would be allowed to preach in mosques and other places.”

Perhaps, the clerics are symptoms rather than causes of the riots. Failure on the part of Nigeria’s educational system and business community to create a spirit of multiculturalism has caused people to cluster into Christian and Muslim groups. Most probably, security forces killed the leader of the sect, but, if the past holds true there will be other clerics preaching hate. Confront the causes which lead people to hate is the only way to curb their power.

Nigerian “Taliban” Style Militants Create Chaos

Most Muslims are not connected to terrorist groups, but, as in all religions, there are militants who preach violence in the name of God. Nigeria has been wracked for days by violence initiated on the part of Nigerian style Taliban who seek to impose a strict form of Sharia law in every part of the nation. Initial reports describe hundreds of bodies and more still being uncovered as violence raged through many parts of northern Nigeria which is the center of Muslims in the country. A local journalist from the state of Borno claimed at least 200 militants were surrounding a mosque as they waited for Nigerian troops and police to attempt driving them away. During the fighting militants torched churches and government buildings.

Police reports indicate many militants have fled to forest areas. Initial reports suggest the militants are attempting to create conflict between northern Muslims and southern Christians and play upon tensions which have arisen as northern states impose sharia law.

Child Witches Of Africa- A Story Of Horror!

Hysteria about “witches” has been present in many societies in the history of humanity, but it is still shocking to learn that in the 21st century, this topic is still of vital concern in areas like the modern nation of Nigeria. Hundreds of children in the Niger Delta area have been brutalized in their homes, driven out and assaulted by angry mobs and even burned alive because someone in the community claims this or that child is really a witch. Jeremiah, aged ten, had his body doused with petrol and his father set him on fire because in church an individual arose and pointed at the boy and claimed he was a witch. Many phony pastors are charged with helping to incite these furious attacks. One confessed on a documentary film that he had killed 110 child witches.

Traditional ways of identifying “witches” are still employed such as compelling those accused to eat a poisonous wild berry, if the child survives he or she is freed, if not, the child dies. The phony pastors demand money in order to exorcise the devil from the body of an accused child, no money, and death or brutality awaits the child. As one cab driver told a reporter, religion “is the only industry we have in Akwa Ibom outside of oil.” Welcome to the 21st century!

Mobs Rage In Sectarian Violence in Nigeria

Historically, Nigeria has been divided between northern provinces which are mainly Muslim and southern areas which are predominantly Christian. Since the birth of Nigeria as an independent nation, tension between the groups has always been present and there have been numerous riots. During the past few days, new violence emerged in the city of Jos which has resulted in over 300 deaths at the latest account. Sheikh Khalid Abubakar said over 300 dead bodies had been brought to the main mosque and there are other bodies yet to be counted. In years past, sectarian riots led to the death of hundreds in this community.

Jo is on the dividing point between Christian and Muslim communities which lends itself to these forms of violent encounters. This battle began when both sides became angry at election results. More than 10,000 people have died in religious conflicts since civilian leaders assumed direction of the nation in 1999.

The blessings of religions which are based on leaders who espouse love and friendship between people.