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Night Owls Hoot Away In Denmark

An interesting experiment on the streets of Narrebro involves a group of adults dressed in distinctive yellow jackets wandering the streets and offering their presence to assist any young person who feels the need to reach out for help. There are at least 7,000 Night Owls in 223 local associations and they are on the streets to offer advice or to serve as a deterrent when a few young people are getting ready to engage in violence. Teams composed of women from various ethnic backgrounds have proven to be of great value in many situations and apparently young boys and girls trust them to serve as guides. However, a recent outbreak of violence is now compelling Night Owls to abandon the streets because they have never viewed their role to be an active force such as the police when violence occurs.

The problem with depending on volunteers is that at some point, it requires police when things get rough. It might be more beneficial to develop police teams known as Night Owls because in many cases it is lack of communication between law enforcement and youth in ethnic groups which is at the base of trouble.