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Congo Thug Leader Arrested!

Rwandan and Congolese troops finally worked together as a team and conducted a joint operation which has resulted in capturing one of the leaders of an invading army which has caused tremendous destabilization of the Congo. Troops captured General Laurent Nkunda, a Tutsi leader who up to this point has been supported by the government of Rwanda. The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) said: “We ask the Rwandan government to respect international law and extradite General Nkunda to Congo.” This operation represents a major shift from ignoring the government of the Congo to working with it to help eliminate the numerous invading armies which have created devastation.

However, the danger is that Nkunda’s arrogance and corruption may simply have turned his own followers against him which could lead to another leader from his group emerging who would continue the program of invasion death and destruction. Time will tell.

Death In The Congo–The Forgotten Slaughter!

Over five million people have died in the Congo over the past several years which represents a slightly higher murder rate than the 700 killed in Gaza, but the world is focused on the Middle East while millions of black skinned people die. The United Nations is endeavoring to hold peace talks not only in Gaza, but in the Congo where rebel forces from Rwanda led by guerilla chief Laurent Nkunda is attempting to disrupt the entire governmental process in the Congo nation. There is something pathetic about the UN which has spoken many words, but done little in reality to aid the ignored people of the Congo. Thousands of women will be raped and brutalized over the coming months while UN discussions take place with thugs like Nkunda and those in the current Congo government.

World attention is focused on Gaza where Israel is killing people and Hamas is enjoying the spectacle of death and destruction. It is clear there is scant appetite among UN officials to assume responsibility for doing anything specific to aid the Congolese people. Their nation lacks oil and their skins are black so why should the UN try to do something about a cease fire in the Congo?

Congo Rebel Chief Threatens Further War

The tragedy of the Congo goes on and on as its people are brutalized, its women raped, and millions are killed by greedy fellow Africans whose only goal is obtaining the wealth of the unfortunate country. General Laurent Nkunda, a Rwandan Tutsi who entered the Congo on the pretest he was after former Rwandan Hutus, demanded that the government of the Congo must negotiate with him or he might march on the capital and take over the country. Nkunda’s troops have routed government forces and taken control of a large swath of the nation. “If there is no negotiation,” boasted the rebel chief, “let us then say there is war.”

Nkunda has been talking with mediator former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obsanjo, who is furious the rebel leader disregarded his plea for peace by making further attacks. By attacking after promising peace, said Obsanjo, “you are making me a laughing stock.”

There is chaos in the Congo since it lacks an effective government and its army is ill trained, ill equipped and lacking in morale or leadership. Perhaps, it is time for the United Nations to assume some form of trusteeship for the nation.

Nigerian Leader Appointed Congo Mediator

The horror that is the Congo continued on its destructive path resulting in the death of thousands and rape and destruction engulfing millions of people. Former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo, was asked by the United Nations to assume the role of attempting to mediate the madness that has become the Congo. He is trying to persuade Rwanda leaders to send negotiators to assist in the peace process. Meanwhile, UN forces have evacuated large areas in the Congo as rebel troops led by General Laurent Nkunda swept through areas killing, raping and looting even as retreating members of the Congo army killed, raped and looted on their way far from any fighting.

A UN convoy finally reached a camp that supposedly held thousands of refugees only to find it deserted since the people fled to avoid the oncoming slaughter of General Nkunda. Part of the problem is although nations contributed troops to the UN they are tied by restrictions not to engage in battle. Unfortunately, General Nkunda has no such restrictions.