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Burmese People Stand Openly For Freedom

The people of Burma are among the bravest human beings on this planet because they continue fighting for the rights of free people despite living in a closed society in which a military junta uses its power to imprison and brutalize any who oppose their totalitarian rule. Phoebe Kennedy, a reporter for the Independent, found the offices of the National League for Democracy(NLD) the party of house detained Aung San Suu Kyi, who won the only free election in recent history, but was denied the right to assume control of the government. In recent months a variety of opposition leaders ranging from a comedian to politicians have been sentenced to fifty years or more in jail for daring to openly express their views.

Ms. Kennedy found a crowd of about 80 people gathered openly to discuss issues while members of the secret police watched from across the street. She asked several people if they were frightened and most responded: “No. We don’t care.” They were stating their conviction that fear had long since left their lives because they know if they surrender to obedience to the military junta, their dignity as humans has vanished.

A pseudo election will be held in 2010 by the military and the NLD has to decide whether to play along with the charade or find a way to oppose participating in the “elections” whose outcome is already known.

It is easy for those thousands of miles away from the brutality that is known as Burma to urge standing up for rights. We cannot use such words. These brave people will do what they believe is necessary and whatever they do will be an expression of freedom.

Myanmar Junta Still Repulsive

Armed police in trucks patrolled Yangon’s streets as fearful Burmese who last year had participated in protests against the government remained in their homes to avoid once again being brutalized by their leaders. A spokesperson Myanmar’s pro-Democratic party said fear reigns in his nation and few would even dare to pray at the famous Shwedagon Pagoda. According to Nyan Win of the National League of Democracy(NLD) said: “People are frightened now because of the bomb blast yesterday. I do not think protests like last year will happen again because of the security.”

Despite last year’s protests, the military junta which rules the nation has no intention of giving into forces of democracy. Leaders of the NLD have been told by police to avoid making provocative statements or face the consequences that arise when people oppose the government. There are reports dozens of democratic leaders have been arrested in recent months.

Myanmar Military Junta Cracks Down On Dissidents

The Myanmar military junta which has ruled the nation for decades is proposing a new constitution which the population is virtually ordered to accept or face the consequence of dissenting. For some reason, the thugs who run Myanmar feel the need to clothe their brutality in some form of constitutional cover. In preparation for the vote in May, hundreds of followers of Aung San Suu Kyi are being picked up and placed under arrest in order to prevent any form of opposition to the constitution. Nyan Win of the National League for Democracy, noted: “Arrests of National League for Democracy members and intimidation against opponents are becoming more frequent.” A group was arrested on Sunday for wearing tee shirts which had one word, “NO.” Myo Nunt, a close aide of Suu Kyi was arrested for sleeping at the house of a friend without informing authorities of this terrible act of defiance.

The situation in Myanmar is of no real interest to the world which has gone on to more interesting topics of concern. The Burmese people are far away in a distant land governed by brutal thugs and since there are no street demonstrations, there apparently is no need for other nations to express concern. Such is life in the modern world.

Myanmar Opposition Terms Junta Plans Shameful

Myanmar’s opposition party, The National League for Democracy, staged a protest outside of its headquarters to express dismay at the decision of the nation’s military junta to institute a new constitution and hold elections in 2010. UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon termed the so-called elections a backward step because there had not been any consultation with members of opposition parties nor was there any indication those opposed to the junta would be able to engage freely in the electoral process. Senior General Than Shwe dismissed complaints by the NLD by telling the nation on television, “Subversive elements with a negative attitude are resorting to diverse means and ways to weaken unity among the country’s ethnic groups.”

Whenever, the military junta terms a group or person “subversive” it means they have expressed an opinion that runs contrary to those of the generals who rule Burma. The US State Department correctly termed the entire election process a “sham.”