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Is Strip Searching Children Ever OK?

In the aftermath of 9/11 the world entered on its great fear campaign about the evil of terrorism and the need for everyone to be careful and watch out for men who lean down to touch their shoes because you will never know if they are about to explode a bomb. In New South Wales in Australia, there have been 840 cases of when children were strip searched by authorities and in only six percent of the occasions was any adult being present to protect their rights. The NSW Ombudsman made clear, “in our view, a support person should be present for all but exceptional circumstances in which it is not possible to do so. The low level of compliance with this safeguard is of concern.”

I really don’t understand why the Ombudsman did not recognize the serious nature of the situation. There were children aged 10 to 17 who were strip searched and who knows what explosives or tiny a-bombs were in the possession of such criminals? Just think, exactly what form of criminal action could a ten year old take who is semi-naked and surrounded by heavily built policemen?

Zero tolerance too frequently leads to zero common sense.