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How To Win An Election-Have No Opponent!

President Putin has devised a sure-fire plan to ensure his protege, Dimitry Medvedev wins the March election for president of Russia– make certain no one runs against him. the Central Elections Commission announced that former pime minister Mikhail Ksyanov’s petition to be registered as a candidate for president has been rejected due to invalid documentation. Since he was not nominated by a registered political party, his candidacy could only be qualified if he submitted evidence of at least 2,000,000 signatures. His documentation contained the names of 2,057,000 people, but the Commission claims 13% of the signatures were not valid due to problems like not including the date when a passport was issued or failure to include income, etc…

Msedvedev had two other potential candidates, but Vladmir Zjirovsky of the Democrtic Party and Gennady Zyuganov of the Communist Party are both indicating they realize it is a waste of time to run in an election in which the winner is known before a vote is cast. They will probably bow out. The ironic aspect of this election fiasco is Medvedev would have easily won without having to resort to this chicanery of denying opponents an opportunity to run.