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Noam Chomsky Silenced In Israel

Noam Chomsky is the radical’s guru when it comes to issues of free speech and human rights. He believes in civil liberties and will travel anywhere in the world to express his views, but, for some reason has an unusual interest in Israel’s behavior toward Palestinians. Noam was invited to speak at Bir Zeit University on the West Bank in Israel occupied land, but when he reached security at the entrance to Palestinian land, they halted him. A security officer made clear the Interior Ministry was upset that he was willing to speak at a Palestinian university but “not at an Israeli university too.” Most probably, if he had been invited to speak at an Israel university, the Interior Ministry would have banned that event, as well.

Israel IS a democracy. That is among its strongest quality as a nation located in an area where there are few democracies. The current Israel government prefers to be known as an opponent of democracy rather than as a bastion of freedom. Noam Chomsky speaking anywhere will not change history.