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Al-Qaeda Leader Denounces Violence

Sayed Eman,(also known as Dr. Fadl) the man who authored the blueprint for the armed struggle adopted by Al-Qaeda and its affiliates, this week renounced the use of violence and asked his comrades to “put an end to the bloodbath around the world.” Eman;’s Jihad, was among the most feared terrorist groups in Egypt and carried out the massacre
of 58 tourists in 1997. Islamic lawyer, Montasser El Zayat, says “his revisions are the outcome of long years of reflection and debate.” it appears that even among those caught in a terrorist mode of behavior, some are beginning to examine the consequences for the Muslim people of strategies that invariably result in the death of innocent Muslim women, men, and children.

Al-Qaeda, undoubtedly, will reject the ideas of men like Sayed Eman, but at least it offers the Muslim world alternative jurisprudence which regards violence as antithetical to the Muslim religion. Hopefully, others will commence the long road towards creating a liberation strategy that utilizes peaceful alternatives.