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Christian Missionaries Invade North Africa

A new band of undercover Christian missionary is making an appearance in Muslim North Africa as the search for new converts extends to unexplored areas of humanity. The number of Moroccan Christians has supposedly grown this decade from 100 to about 1,500 which certainly should cause alarm to the millions of Muslims in the region. It is estimated there are about several thousand Algerian Muslims which should not be surprising given the extended French presence in that country. Christians are using television and the Internet to spread word of their religion. Amin, a young convert to Christianity, was told by his father to leave the house and seek help from Christians because he was no longer a member of the family.

Most new Christian missionaries do not have the extended knowledge of local cultures which was more common among earlier mission efforts. The new missionary is more likely to establish a business like a language school and use it as base to convert individuals. It is most likely that anyone who converts to Christianity while remaining in a Muslim area must pray and engage secretly in religious activities.

It always amazes this writer why people of religion become so upset if an individual decides to pray elsewhere. Isn’t the object to get a person in a connection with God? Oh well, I guess that is very naive since for some religions the real issue is how many join your group.