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Beware North Korea -It Is Ready For War!

North Korea’s delegate to the United Nations wants the world to know his nation will not be pushed around by anyone and is prepared to initiate military action if threatened by reports. According to Sin Son Ho, ‘If the Security Council releases any documents against us, condemning or questioning us…. follow up measures will be carried out by our military forces.” And, to make certain everyone understands, Sin warned the UN if they take sides in the issue of who sank a South Korean vessel, they may feel the wrath of North Korea. Sometimes, one gets the impression North Korean diplomats are either afraid to speak the truth due to fear of punishment by the Great Leader or they inhabit a time warp in which their nation can actually impose its military will on the world. Sin may be the Son of his beloved Great Leader but he better understand his nation can not handle an assault by other nations without devastation to their entire society.

I frequently get the feeling North Korea should form an alliance with Israel and the Sudan and Putin in Russia of nations that enjoy threatening military force rather than engaging in any form of intelligent dialogue. There will not be any use of North Korea’s armed forces. The mouth that roars is a pip squeak.

Life With Our Great Leader In North Korea

A crew from the BBC Newsnight was recently allowed to spend time in North Korea doing some filming. At least, they were told filming was allowed and practiced in the land no one knows, BBC had complete freedom to film any and all statutes of Great Leader, No. 1 and Great Leader, No. 2. They hopefully will soon be able to film Great Leader, No. 3 who hopes to secure that title when dad, Great Leader, No. 2 goes to a Heaven which only accepts Great Leaders. The BBC crew was whisked at top speed through the countryside in order to prevent any filming being made of happy and joyous North Koreans who seek approval of Great Leader, No. 2 by starving to death in a graceful manner. After all, one does not wish to impair the day of Great Leader, No. 2 by passing away without a smile and thanks for being allowed to die in the harmonious civilization of North Korea.

There, undoubtedly, are those in other societies who do not realize the generosity of Great Leader, No. 2 who spares his people the awesome task of dealing with eating by selecting items on their own, the same daily gruel is served to all in the fair land to the north. Great Leader, No. 2. also allows his people freedom to learn about other nations by seeing such insightful films as “The Sound of Music.” Heck, Great Leader, No. 2 even spares his people the awesome task of navigating the Internet by offering his own version of the Intranet which allows one and all to gather all the information they desire about model farms and happy people in the streets of towns.

I wonder if life will change when Great Leader, No. 3 takes over?

North Korea Threatens Doomsday!

A South Korean ship was blown up while in its own waters and an investigation points to the most probable cause as that of a North Korean submarine firing a torpedo. South Korea issued angry statements and used its economic power to punish its northern brethren. The kooks who are in charge of North Korea know only the power of threats and warnings and hints of violence when charged with anything. North Korean media reported that if a UN investigation concludes its nation is guilty, then South Korea can expect, “all-out war….. involving the whole nation, all the people, the whole state.” Of course, this is not the first time such threats have been made, but with a group of ignorant power mad leaders in charge of a nation that possesses access to nuclear weapons, it is uncertain if the threat emanates from reality or simply is another bluff.

Hopefully, China will quietly explain to its neighbor and ally that nuclear war will only result in a complete destruction of North Korea because the United States will not idly stand by and allow a nuclear attack on South Korea.

Koreans In Japan Face Educational Issues

A hundred years ago Japanese troops took control of Korea and that country was ruled as a colony with many of its inhabitants coming to Japan in order to work. The legacy of colonialism lives on with thousands of Koreans in Japan who regard themselves as second class citizens and even have their own schools. The Japanese government is planning a tuition-subsidy program but wants to bar schools which cater to children of Koreans who have strong ties with North Korea from being eligible for the subsidies. There are twelve high schools operated in close cooperation with a pro-North Korean organization known as the General Association of Korean residents in Japan. Japan is still furious at North Korea which abducted their citizens many years ago and has refused to reveal what happened to them.

The Japanese government fears the curriculum of these schools propogates communist ideas and thus children are not receiving an objective education. There is the possibility of new regulations which would require any such schools to have a curriculum that is “nearly consistent with the educational guidelines of Japan.”

For an outsider, it is unclear why any sensible people would regard North Korea as a model for anything other than oppression of its people.

Dancing In The Streets Of Pyongyang

Yes, they are dancing in the streets of Pyongyang despite what you capitalist loving anti-Koreans might think. They are dancing in celebration of the glorious, all-wise leader’s birthday. Kim Jong-il is 68 and during the regime of his dad and our beloved leader, we in North Korea enjoy the benefits of hunger and poverty. Unlike the obese Americans, we can run and jump and be proud of our thin bodies. How many Americans can make that statement? OK, so things are not perfect in our country. OK, so we had a famine or something like that, but all that did was reduce the number of people and allow the rest of us to be healthy although not particularly wealthy and wise.

Our glorious leader has been betrayed by those who “reformed the currency” and just about wrecked the economy of a nation with a wrecked economy. But, good times are coming since our beloved leader is going to talk with Western nations and exchange his wisdom for their food. It will be a bargain made in Heaven. Of course, whenever we use the word, Heaven in this country it means, North Korea.

South Korea Offers Bargain To North Korea!

The Republic of Korea has offered its northern neighbor the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, a “grand bargain” which entails the end of nuclear development on both sides in exchange for security guarantees and economic assistance. President Lee Myung-bak is attempting to find a way to end fears of nuclear development on the peninsula in order to create a way out of an American-North Korean confrontation. He described the offer as not related to a crisis decision, but to “a precious opportunity” for peace.

There is a possibility such an offer can persuade North Korean leaders to use common sense and focus on developing their nation rather than wasting precious resources on developing atomic weapons that never will be used.

North Korean Leader In Charge

Former President Bill Clinton told the American president that North Korean leader KIm Jong Il was “pretty healthy and in control” of his nation. According to President Obama, “Clinton had a chance to see him close up and have conversations with him.” Clinton made clear there is no doubt the North Korean who many thought was losing physical and intellectual power was back in a leadership role that will not allow any challenger to threaten his power.

The real issue is whether there is any chance for legitimate negotiation with North Korea on issues such as nuclear development and to halt the spread of nuclear weapons in the world. There is slight evidence, Kim Jong might be offering an olive branch of peace.

Anyone Know What’s Going On In N. Korea?

A recurring theme from American conservatives is the need to avoid making the CIA come across as incompetent because such attitudes only aid terrorists. The same people who never predicted the downfall of the Soviet Union or the possibility of terrorist attacks on America are completely in the dark about what is going on inside North Korea.
South and North Korean officials recently held meetings to discuss the improvement of relations between their countries. The talks came days after several North Korean diplomats flew south to attend the funeral of former South Korean president Kim Dae-jung.

During the past month, Bill Clinton was allowed to enter North Korea and negotiate the release of two Americans being held on spy charges. Governor Bill Richardson met with North Korean diplomats to discuss issues between their countries. I believe it is fair for the CIA to offer some insight into possible leadership changes in North Korea or an explanation for what is happening.

On the other hand, for safety sake, don’t hold your breath waiting for the CIA to explain anything.

North Korea Wants To Talk With USA

There are times when it is difficult to decipher exactly what are the goals of the United States and other nations in regard to North Korea. The United States insists it wishes to enter into negotiations with North Korea but only on condition that other nations also participate in such talks. Bill Richardson who has served in many diplomatic discussions, said North Korea is ready to have discussions with the United States but they want the talks to be one-on-one. “They want a new format. And, the format they want is direct talks with the United States. Now, maybe a compromise might be some kind of direct talks within the six party format. But, again, this is something that diplomats should negotiate.”

The United States insists it will only talk with North Korea within a six nation context. Richardson has just concluded two days of talks with senior North Korean diplomats. Step one is getting engaged in discussions with North Korea. Step two will come at the time when step one has progressed. Without a step one, there can never be a step two. As Winston Churchill so eloquently put it: “Jaw, jaw, not war, war.”

Who Said What About Anything In N. Korea?

For some reason there are people in the United States who enjoy hiking on the borders of nations with whom their country has strained relations. Not only do they hike, but they enjoy getting as close to the border as they can, if not actually walking into North Korea or Iran. Two American journalists, Laura Ling and Euana Lee, wandered into North Korea and found themselves in a courtroom where they were sentenced to years in a labor camp. Fortunately for them, former president Bill Clinton and his sidekick, Al Gore, hopped on a plane and went to North Korea where they negotiated the release of the two women.

North Korean leader, Kim Jong il has been completely erratic the past several months. Perhaps, it stems from his failing health or it could simply be a plan of action to create turmoil which would result in other nations catering to his whims. The state-run news agency of North Korea insists Clinton apologized, he insists no apology was given. North Korea claims Clinton brought a message from President Obama, but Bill insists all he did was use his charm to persuade the head nut case of North Korea to free the women.

By the way, what exactly is the problem with making an apology or bringing words from the president of the United States? Ah, the crime of “weakness!”