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Are North Korean Statements-Sound And Fury?

Recent photographs which depict North Korean leader Kim Jong Il as seriously ill, reportedly with cancer, may explain the outpouring of threats and warnings about possible nuclear attacks that North Korea issues almost every day. The North has threatened a “thousand-fold” military retaliation if anyone attacks their nation. North Koreans can sleep peacefully at night because there is no plan to invade or bomb that nation. General Walter Sharp, the top US commander in Korea assures one and all there is sufficient military force to handle, “anything North Korea can throw at us.”

The world can expect turmoil and confusion once Kim dies and his son attempts to become leader of the country. It is almost certain there must be generals in the North Korean army ready to make a quick grab at power and send the young punk son off to China.

Of course, no one knows exactly what will happen. Who knows, maybe North Korea has a young George Bush who sees WMD in South Korea that must be destroyed.

North Korea Threatens Missiles-Is It A Serious Threat?

The battle over how to handle North Korea’s escalation of threats continues, but fortunately President Obama is not allowing himself to get sucked into George Bush style rhetoric. North Korea fired several more missiles on Thursday and there are reports that a long range missile will be fired in the direction of Hawaii. Many analysts believe this entire “missile war” derives from North Korean dictator Kim Song Il to use threats and fears to make the accession of his son to power more possible. We simply do not know if there is any serious thought behind this boasting and bellicose threats or is it simply much ado about getting his son installed in the leadership role and nothing more?

Most probably betting on a long range missile will result in winning some money. At this point, the best policy is remaining calm and now allowing North Korea to frighten anyone with their threats. Kim Song Il knows full well if he blunders into attacking anyone, his Chinese allies will cut him off within a moment. He needs China more than China needs him. That reality is the trump card which should result in words, but no action.

What’s Going On In North Korea?

A few weeks ago the United Nations Security Council imposed further sanctions on North Korea after it tested long range missiles and boasted of pursuing its nuclear weapon program. Yesterday, North Korea fired a host of short range missiles which are part of its ground to missile program. The reality is no one knows for certain what is happening in North Korea since lack of contacts with government officials or military leadership results in a vast array of guessing by so called “experts.” The reality is Western nations, and that includes the UN Security Council, lack leverage on the paranoid rulers of North Korea who spend their time inventing threats to their nation.

The only trump card remaining to the world lies in the hand of China. North Korea depends on Chinese economic assistance to maintain its society. China is trapped in a dilemma. It could bring down the regime of North Korea by halting further aid, but, in so doing, it might unleash the prospect of millions of people crossing over from North Korea as they flee starvation and chaos. Hopefully, there is an middle point at which China can impose sanctions that force North Korean change without resulting in chaos and anarchy. Th ball is in the court of China.

Is North Korea For Real?

It is extremely difficult attempting to interpret actions by the North Korean government and even the best “experts: are as much in the dark as anyone writing on the Internet. We simply do not know the “why” of current North Korean politics. Is the belligerence an attempt to pave the way for Kim Song Il to usher in his son as the next ruler of the nation? Is he really concerned about an attack on his nation, if so, by whom? There are too many uncertainties to identify the best way of dealing with a rogue president who may well be completely out of control. President Obama has been calm, he has assured the American people they are safe, and he continues trying to communicate with the hermits from the hermit kingdom of the north.

Hysterical voices on the right in America want Obama to do “something.” Perhaps, Obama can pick up on suggestions from Republican intellectual giant, Bill Bennett, who urged the president to send phone cards and Xerox machines to Iran. Perhaps, these items can be sent to North Korea. Of course, I would love to see the Xerox machines hit the ground in North Korea on the run.

North Korea Displaying Paranoid Style Of Diplomacy

It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between the bombastic fury of North Korean statements that are designed to threaten actions not contemplated, and the reality of what this paranoid style nation is ready to demonstrate. A North Korean news agency claimed the United States had 1,000 nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula and was in the process of deploying this massive arsenal in Japan and Korea. It argued that North Korea is “completely within the range of US nuclear attacks and the Korean peninsula is becoming an area where the chances of a nuclear war are the highest in the world.” Naturally, if a defenseless nation like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is being threatened by the American bully what else can it do but gear up its own nuclear weapons?

There is a method in the paranoid madness of the North Koreans. The supreme leader is ill and he is attempting to create the image of a powerful nation so when his son takes over other countries will not think about doing anything to disturb the status quo in North Korea. Unfortunately, mistakes do occur and if North Korea continues pushing its madness there is always the possibility other nations will take it seriously and its prediction of a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula might come true.

North Korea –The Mouth That Roared

North Korea most probably can send an atom bomb in the direction of South Korea or Japan and inflict massive damage. Its army can move over the border and do extensive damage to the nation of South Korea. However, it can not win a war and in the process of initiating one will cause incredible damage, if not destruction, of its own country. Kim Jong Il, leader of the most secretive society in the world, told his military they are doing a wonderful job and should be prepared for action if it is necessary. The UN Security Council has ordered an almost total embargo and strict financial sanctions against North Korea. Pyongyang responded by blaming the “vile product” of American policy as the cause of its problems, and said it was now in the “early phase of all-out confrontation with the US.”

Can US Knock Down North Korean Missiles?

During the past twenty five years American presidents have insisted our military should have the ability to knock down missiles coming from other nations. President Reagan began the process of allocating billions of dollars in his famous plan to create a vast anti-missile system defending the United States. Billions of dollars have been spent, but, so far, there is no air tight system to eliminate missiles headed for North America. However, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told Congress our existing anti-missile systems are sufficiently effective to respond to any missiles coming from North Korea. “I have confidence that if North Korea launched a long range missile in the direction of the United States that we would have a high probability of being able to defend ourselves.”

I am glad the Secretary of Defense is confident. The only part that bothers me is the “high probability” part. Does that mean “some” or does it mean “all.” I sort of would like to know because if I’m living on the West Coast it might be time to head east young man.

Is China The Loser In North Korean Madness?

The recent outburst of aggressive behavior on the part of North Korea has created confusion in most parts of the world, but China is the nation that is most impacted by North Korean threats of nuclear or military confrontation. China has assumed a role as the policeman of eastern Asia, and has endeavored to work in a cooperative manner with the insular leaders of North Korea whose knowledge of the outside world is close to zero. China does not wish a nuclear race to emerge in Asia because at the center of Chinese foreign policy is a commitment to maintaining the status quo– in which China is at the center of power. China has been the leader of the six nations which have been attempting to work with North Korea and depending upon China to exert its influence.

Mot probably no one knows what is going on inside the mind of Kim Jong Il. Is there a power struggle? Is North Korea actually intending to initiate military aggression? Are its leaders filled with paranoid fantasies about being invaded? China, more than any nation, can not allow military action to occur on its border. At this point, hopefully China must assume leadership.

North Korea Defies The World!

There is one thing to be said about North Korean leaders and that is their strong desire to be stubborn and ignorant about the world in which they reside. After a half century of intellectual as well as physical separation from the world, they are literally incapable to interacting with logical minded individuals. A defiant North Korea told the world it would “never” take part in any international nuclear talks and, furthermore, it was restarting its nuclear program. This statement of bravado came in response to a unanimous UN Security condemnation of the failed launch of rockets. “We have no choice but to further strengthen our nuclear deterrent to cope with additional military threats by hostile forces” thundered a North Korean spokesperson.

Logic will not compel North Koreans to examine reality. They are isolated and even their allies on the Security Council joined in the vote. The best solution in dealing with North Korea is to take a deep breath and ignore the verbiage while slowing working with anyone in their government who has an iota of calmness.

Flash! Kim Jong il Elected Head Of North Korea!

In a surprising development from North Korea the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly unanimously voted to elect their beloved leader, Kim Jong il to another term as the head of the nation. The populace of the country was shocked to learn that Kim Jong il who rarely is seen these days and when he does appear the man looks a bit frail was the choice of just about everyone in the government. The beloved leader of the beloved government has been leading his beloved people in order to ensure that each and every one does not get enough food because it is only through starvation that people keep physically fit. The Supreme Leader wants his beloved people to have nice flat stomachs. Of course, he comes across as sort of a pudgy little man but he needs the extra fat due to the extraordinary manner in which he has to spend his days worrying about his beloved people.

The Supreme Leader of the Supreme legislature told his Supreme people the recent launch of the Supreme rocket fell into the Supreme ocean just as was planned. After all, how many nations can shoot supreme rockets that go no where and be greeted by thunderous applause from their supreme people?