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Belfast Immigrants Warned– Get Out Or Die!

During the past decade as Europe witnessed an economic explosion, it became common in m any nations of the EU to encourage immigrants to migrate in order to have people around wiling to deal with the dirty, dangerous, and physically difficult jobs required in society. However, the economic decline has resulted in unleashing latent feelings of hate toward those who are different. Immigrant centers in Belfast recently received leaflets that threatened immigrants with death. The message was clear. “Get out of our Queen’s country before our bonfire night and parade day.” The leaflet was delivered to centers whose clientele is mainly Muslim, Indian or Polish. It threatened to blow up buildings in which immigrants live. Patrick Yu, who heads the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities, believes the leaflets were mainly designed to frighten. There is even suspicion the leaflets might be the work of angry teenagers rather than an organized adult group seeking to kill people.

Northern Irish celebrate on July 12th an historic holiday which is strongly jingoistic. The Police have made clear they will not tolerate any violence toward minorities even during the week of celebrations and parades which ordinarily stir up feelings of nationalism and hate toward those who are different. Historically, the enemy of Protestants were the Catholics, but these days the target is anyone who is not born in Ireland. Perhaps, that is good news for Catholics– provided they don’t come from Poland or Romania!

Bigotry In Northern Ireland

During the years of prosperity, countries like Great Britain and Ireland welcomed foreign workers to handle the dirty jobs economically advanced societies prefer not to engage in. However, the Irish inhabitants of Northern Ireland apparently are becoming angry at strangers who linger in their midst and can serve as a focal point for the frustrations arising from an economic recession. About a hundred Romanians were forced to flee from their homes and seek shelter in a Belfast church hall after a group of youths raising Nazi salutes thought it was amusing to pick on defenseless people. The Northern Ireland government condemned the attackers as “racist criminals” but they are simply reflecting anger that accompanies loss of jobs.

Many of the Romanians told authorities they may prefer going home in order to avoid being around such criminals. We can expect more such attacks in the future, not only in Northern Ireland, but in many European Union nations.

Environment Minister Bans Ads On Climate Change

Environment Minister Sammy Wilson has banned government television advertisements which deal with the effects of climate change. Mr. Wilson said he was not going to inject into the consciousness of Irish people the “insidious New Labor propaganda” which tries to get across outrageous ideas such as there might be global warming or stuff like that going on in the world. Minister Wilson is concerned that if we continue discussing topics such as global warming it will impact the wallets and lives of people and most are “not prepared to bear the massive financial consequences.” Environment Minister Sammy Wilson must be among the last environment ministers who believe that global warming is some sort of hoax by those damn “liberals” to frighten good God fearing folk.

Mr. Wilson is all for some sort of energy efficiency stuff but he will have nothing to do with the “fear factor how this whole climate change issue is being addressed.” He much prefers putting his head in the sand and pretending nothing is happening.