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Pakistan Will Protect Sovereignty Against US Or Others

Pakistan’s Foreigtn Minister Shah Mehmod Qureshi, made clear his nation’s determination to defend its soveriegnty in face of a recent American attack on Taliban bases inside Pakistan. He emphasized his nation would not allow sanctuaries to exist within Pakistan but also emphasized, “this is our country and we have to protect its sovereignty.” The Foreign Office said it was not negotiating with the Taliban nor with al-Qaeda but was essentially focusing on “holding peace talks with the Mehsud and other tribes to bring peace to the region.”

The Bush administration has to recognize that dramatic changes are taking place in Pakistan and a new government is seeking new solutions to the volatile northwest region of the country. They feel extreme pressure to resolve fighting so their nation can get on with issues of national development.

Pakistan Government Pacifies Militants

Pakistan’s new government is attempting a different approach in dealing with the volatile regions of the northwest part of the nation. It has agreed to allow judges to consider advisce from Islamic scholars in court cases. The decision marked a concession in peace talks aimed at resolving conflicts with Islamic militants who control areas around the border with Afghanistan. Provincial officials negotiated with representatives of the militant leader, Maulana Faziullah by endeavoring to satisfy their demands for a more Islamic approach to dealing with societal issues.

Pakistan government officials insisted, “there will be the same courts like anywhere in Pakistan, headed by normal civil and district judges.” So far peace talks with Fazilullah have brought about a cease fire. The question is whether the cease fire will lead to a longer term resolution of conflicts or will it be used to retool militants.