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No Buying Sex In Norway Means Not Having A Job

The Norwegian parliament passed a law this year which makes illegal the purchase of sexual services and it will take effect in the coming months. Although selling sex will remain legal in Norway, a male who purchases sex faces the possibility of a fine or prison. Norwegian authorities want to halt the sex trade which has forced thousands of women into prostitution. However, although many are aghast at the concept of prostitution, there are not many employers willing to actually hire a former prostitute. Liv Jessen, of Pro Senter, an organization which protects the interests of prostitutes, approached 48 hotels, nursing homes and retirement centers in an effort to find trainee programs for the former prostitutes, but not a single one of these organizations indicated the slightest interest in prostitutes.

The bottom line is if no meaningful job opportunities exist, the prostitutes will be compelled to continue their current work, but men soliciting their services will face potential criminal charges being brought against them. Will this only accentuate crime and violence?