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Norwegian Prof-Bush Worst US President!

Professor Ole O Moen, a Norwegian expert on US politics, ranked George Bush as the second worst American president. “His adminsitration stands for adangerous blend of arrogance and ignorance.” He argues Bush lacks the ability to listen to, let alone work, with other world leaders. Moen listed a litany of what he considered to be Bush errors going from Iraq to Kyoto to fiscal mismanagement of the budget, and tax policies which widen the gap between rich and poor. Professor Moen ranked Democrat James Buchanan as the next worst president given his role in helping cause the Civil War. He considers Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt as the two most outstanding presidents.

Professor Moen is probably one of those “foreign intellectuals” who think they know more than the combined brilliance of Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rove. OK, so George Bush made a minor mistake about some WMD, but why do these foreign critics continue blaming the poor man for thinking something was there that wasn’t? Anyone can make a mistake. OK, so he made a few wrong calls about the economy, big deal. Just remember this man did OK with owning the Texas Ranger baseball team, and I just dare this Professor Moen to rank George Bush as the worst President of a baseball team! The problem with foreign “intellectuals”is they believe they have more kowledge than the brilliant trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld. Professor Moen, someday future archeologists will uncover the WMD and won’t you be sorry you blamed our beloved leader for making a mistake!

I would like to know why Professor Moen doesn’t admit George Bush ranks as the best president in having direct contact with God! How many US presidents had a direct hotline to heaven? How many were advised by angels? None of these strengths apparently are of interest to the Norwegian academic. Any way, we Americans will not rank order Norwegian kings and queens so please Professor Moen, allow we Americans to handle our fools.