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Iran And West Duel Over Nuclear Proposals

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made clear his nation would not curtail its right to have a nuclear program regardless of what western nations offer his country. He promised the world, “we have prepared a package which will soon be offered” in regard to the issue of nuclear development in Iran. Six world powers agreed on May 2 to offer Iran a revised pakcage of economic and other incentives to Iran to coax it to halt uranium enrichment, a process which can make fuel for power plants or material for warheads. Ahmadinejad argued “nothing can persuade us to abandon our right. Let us receive(the package from world pwoers) and se what the proposals are.”

A western mission is headed for Iran with the offer and seeks to engage the Iranian government in a meaningful dialogue about its nuclear program. Naturally, the United States will not be part of the delgation since President Bush does not believe in sitting down and talking with people he believes are aiding terrorism. Based on his comments to the Israel Knesset about “appeasement” one can only conclude he regards European leaders who are negotiating with Ahmadinejad as “appeasers.”

At least Barack Obama is now part of a much larger group of political leaders who have been castigated by Bush as belonging to the appeaser party.