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Bush-America Sends Nuclear War Ships To Japan!

The dispatch of an American naval vessel to Japan is not in itself any major item which should be reported by the media, but one can never be surprised by President Bush’s incompetent foreign policy decisions. The USS George Washington arrived at its new home in the Japanese seaport of Yokosuka where it was met by hundreds of shouting protestors. The aircraft carrier is nuclear-powered and is the first such vessel to be harbored in Japan. American Ambassador Thomas Schieffer, said it was “altogether fitting that a ship bearing the name of one of the greatest Americans” should be protecting the Japanese people. Of course, the fact it is nuclear powered does not strike the American government as somewhat insensitive to the people of Japan who are the only nation in the world to be subjected to an atomic bomb attack.

American and Japanese diplomats can pontificate about the importance of having a naval presence in Japan, but surely there were non-nuclear powered ships that could serve the function of affording protection.