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Japan Will Not Oppose US-India Nuclear Pact

Sixty three years ago this month, atomic bombs were dropped on Japan in the final act to end World War II. However, despite the nation’s dislike of any aspect of nuclear weapons, the Japanese government will not express any opposition to the recent United States nuclear agreement with India which transfers nuclear technology expertise even though India has refused to be a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. A government source said, “japan will not stand in the way of revising the guidelines at the upcoming NSG extraordinary plenary meeting.” Up to this point in history, Japan has opposed any revisions of guidelines that provide assistance to nations who refuse to sign the treaty.

Some experts believe economic factors played a role in the switch of Japanese policy. Japan is interested in making inroads into the Indian market and does not wish to come across as a foe of the Indian government. There are reports tiny Switzerland will oppose revisions which require unanimous agreement. One can only wonder how survivors of the atomic blasts feel about their nation’s actions.

India Government Survives Chaotic Parliament Session

India’s embattled government survived a chaotic parliamentary confidence vote over its proposed agreement with the United States regarding civilian use of nuclear energy. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh got the support of 275 deputies against 256 opposing votes. The nuclear agreement allows India, which has nuclear weapons and refuses to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to be treated as a special case on condition it separates its civil and military programs and allows some UN inspections. The government argued India needed alternative sources of energy in the coming years. Left wingers formed the opposition and accused the United States of trying to interfere in the internal affairs of India.

During the tumultuous session, members of parliament waved handfuls of dollar bills they allegedly received for their vote. Well, at least they were honest enough to show the dollar bills to the world.