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Spurned Lover Bares All In Singapore

Malaysia has been ruled by a Muslim majority which traditionally has ignored opposition parties and has never shown much interest in the rights of women. Human rights activist Elizabeth Wong who has stood up to the government suddenly has been confronted by a smear campaign which allegedly was carried out by a spurned lover. The man took pictures of Ms.
Wong while she was asleep and then showed the pictures to the media and they are all over the Internet. The human rights organization, Suaram(Voice of the People) believes the entire matter was orchestrated by members of the opposition to get rid of a voice which speaks loudly in favor of women’s rights. Although Ms. Wong announced her resignation, many organizations and journalists and politicians are urging her to reconsider the decision and remain in public life even though it might be personally embarrassing.

Mr. Swee Seng raised a key issue by suggesting ‘this case is an example of violence to women. It’s not the perpetrator that’s being punished here, but the victim.” One can only wonder what would be the reaction if a woman took pictures of her male lover and plastered them all over the media. Do nude pictures of male politicians count less than those of women. Stand up for your beliefs Ms. Wong, and the rest of us won’t even take a peek at the pictures!