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“I Am Not A Trouble Creator” Says Musharraf

President Musharraf made clear his determination to cooperate with any political party that gains victory in January elections for a new parliament. “I will try to work with anyone who comes to power after the elections,” he told his nation. The two main opponents of Musharraf, Awaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto have called off their planned boycott of the elections and will campaign vigorously in order to ensure that Musharrf does not gain control over the legislature. They feared a boycott would automatically ensure Musharraf’s political allies would completely control the government. In a surprising note, a poll by the International Public Opinion poll revealed that President Musharraf had made a dramatic rise in his popularity over the past month. Unfortunately, for President Musharraf, it turns out there is no such organization as the International Public Opinion poll, it was a fraud and was quickly discovered. His ratings most probably remain very low in the estimation of the Pakistan population.

A paranoid individual might connect President Musharraf to the phony poll, but at this point no one knows who are these people. Initially, they claimed their organization was based in Boston, then announced they were in Houston. The only certainty is there never was a poll.

Pakistan Leader Returns Amidst Confusing Rumors

Nawaz Sharif, the exiled Pakistan political leader, returned from his exile in Saudi Arabia where he has been living since forced to leave the nation in 2001. On his arrival, he discovered police had detained over 1,000 of his supporters on grounds they were merely trying to prevent problems from arising. Sharif has been telling the press that he intended to have his political party boycott the upcoming January elections due to the dictatorial behavior of President Musharraf who has declared martial law. During the past few years, Sharif has been living very comfortably in Saudi Arabia and rumors indicate some type of deal was made between Saudi officials and Musharraf. Pakistan is very dependent on Saudi oil as well as financial support, and experts suggest the Saudi government persuaded Sharif to take no part in the January election while making Musharraf allow him to return. Pakistan’s Chief Justice Abdul Hammeed Dogar has already stated Sharif is not able to stand for office since he was a convicted felon.

Musharraf continues his manipulation and refuses to allow a free election. Behind the scene activities such as trying to manipulate the activities of Sharif and, most probably, get him to boycott the election, will assist Musharraf to obtain an “electoral victory” while claiming everything was legal. Is this the best man to represent democracy in Pakistan?