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Death Of Newspapers On Horizon?

As a young boy growing up in the 1930s and 1940s, I had a daily selection from among twelve newspapers ranging from the Communist Daily Worker on the left to the right wing Daily Mirror. There was no need to have a computer access these periodicals, one simply hung around the newstand and read whatever one desired. However, recent news indicates the United States is witnessing the death of a large segment of its newspapers. The Gannett news chain has given all employees a week of unpaid vacation in order to save money. Circulation is down even at the New York Times, and hundreds will shortly be dismissed. Once upon a time important newspapers maintained reporters on a permanent basis in cities throughout the world, but today such events are handled by CNN or a few other outlets.

The New York Times website has announced in December its online newspaper received 18.2 million hits which was a rise of six percent and other key newspapers like USA Today and the Wall Street Journal had similar experiences. Total visits to the top ten newspapers was 252 million, a rise of 34% over previous years.

Nielsen Online figures indicate the average web surfer spends about a minute on a page. To read an excellent columnist requires time and thinking. We are entering the world of non-thinkers and short term readers. Will that world produce a better educated population?

“Iraq War Ends”— It’s A Joke!

A group of pranksters handed out a fake 14 page issue of The New York Times which carried the headline– Iraq War Ends! A group called the Yes Men took six months putting together their elaborate hoax and used the assistance of thousands of volunteers who handed out about 1.2 million copies of the paper on the streets of New York and Los Angeles. Barbara Suttner, one of the newspaper writers, said, “We’ve got to make sure Obama and all the other Democrats do what we elected them to do.” The fake newspaper had several fake headlines such as:
“Maximum Wage Law Succeeds”
“Nationalized Oil To Fund Climate Change Efforts”
“Nation Sets Its Sight On Building Sane Economy”

A story in the fake newspaper has Condi Rice admitting what everyone knows– George Bush knew there were no WMD.

Rumors are circulating that the writers of the spoof work for several newspapers, including The New York Times. A statement from the pranksters can be found on:


Who knows, maybe the absurd is in reality, — reality!

New York Times Hooks Wrong Chilean Salmon Source

The New York Times printed a story about the Chilean salmon industry which has created a furor in Chile since sources used by the American newspaper were of dubious validity. The newspaper admitted on Tuesday that a man identified as a top port official was, in fact, a security guard who claimed that bags in the Marine Harvest facility contained antibiotics, pigments, and hormones. The newspaper admitted: “Had The Times been aware of his actual position at the time, it would not have cited him as an authority on the contents of the bags, which were labeled medicated food. The article also should have noted that Marine Harvest and SalmonChile, an industry association, deny that they use hormones or that the pigments they use pose any risk to consumers.”

The article created a literal firestorm in Chile since it resulted in Safeway suspending purchases of salmon from Chile which impacted the entire industry. One is left with the impression that sometimes The New York Times prints some of the news that is not worthy of being printed.

John McCain, Rush Limbaugh, And New York Times

John McCain has suddenly become a darling of the religious and far right crowd because the New York Times published an article which claimed there might have been a romantic relationship between the senator and a female lobbyist. Rush Limbaugh and other TV pundits are up in arms at the very suggestion a prominent political leader could be chaged with sexul misconduct and accuses the New York Times of slanderous news reporting. It is reported thousands of dollars are pouring into McCain’s coffers as a result of this newspaper attack. Rush hopes McCain has learned from this lesson what happens when one is friendly to liberals who halt at no point in their mean-spirited manner of slandering right thinking political leaders.

Perhaps, I have been sleep walking these past few years, but don’t I recall Mr. Limbaugh –AND the New York Times printing slanderous comments about the alledged Whitewater Scandal? I assume the New York Times prints all the news that is fit to print when it publishes false accusations against Democrats. The Clintons were never proven guilty of anything related to Whitewater but Rush Limbaugh– AND the New York Times had a field day smearing their reputations. I believe Mr. Limbaugh never said a word about Monica Lewinsky on his program because he does not believe in discussing the personal romantic lives of political leaders. If there was an Olympic medal for hypocrisy, Rush Limbaugh would win the Gold.

The New York Times received information from a former aide of John McCain who hinted there may have been improper behavior on the part of McCain. After all, the Senate reprimanded McCain in the 1980s for improper behavior involving a banking scandal. Their was certainly grounds to pursue the story. Perhaps, Mr. Limbaugh can agree to halt any further personal attacks on Democrats in exchange for Democrats halting personal comments about his new hero, John McCain.