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Battle Of The Bulge

Seventy years ago there was a famous Battle of the Bulge when German soldiers attacked American lines in Belgium and caused chaos for a few weeks. We have come a long way from those type of battles. Today, a new Battle of the Bulge is raging over who was the man in the photo that came from the Tweet zone of Representative Anthony Weiner? Is the man standing in briefs with a bulge the New York liberal congressman or is he a plant by conservative hackers seeking to discredit a man who stands tall for the rights of citizens? After reflection, it is clear the man with the bulge in his briefs could be linked to possible candidates.

1. He could be Rudy Giuliani since he is ready to stand tall for America.

2. He could be Don Rumsfeld who boasts of standing up straight for hours.

3. He could be Dick Cheney who has more balls than anyone I know in politics.

4. He could be Newt Gingrich who so enjoys offering that part of his anatomy to the world of women.

5. He could be Mitt Romney who is ready to show America that he actually has balls.

Anyway, we know it is not Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin–OR IS IT?