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Obama Adviser Compares Putin To Hitler And Stalin

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former foreign policy adviser to President Carter, and currently advising Barack Obama, called for world wide protest and organization against Russian aggression in Georgia. He compared Russian claims it was aiding Russian citizens living in South Ossetia as similar to Hitler using the suffering of Germans living in Czechoslovakia for taking over that nation. He also told Germany’s Die Welt Russian action was similar to the Soviet invasion of Finland in 1939. Brzezinski warned the world Russia was attempting to reassert its control over former members of the Soviet Union. “If Georgia no longer has its sovereignty it means not only that the west is cur off from the Caspian Sea and Central Asia but we can also assume that Putin will exercise a similar strategy against Ukraine if he faces resistance. He’s already publicly voices threats against Ukraine.” He added the invasion of Georgia was also another example of the failed Bush foreign policy.

Brzezinski wants the world community to isolate Russia as punishment. There is no question as to the brutal reaction of Russia to events in Georgia and South Ossetia, but the analogy cited by Brzezinski simply does not hold true. Finland never attacked Russia, but was invaded without any provocation on its part. Georgia initiated the current turmoil by invading South Ossetia and must bear some responsibility for the ensuing carnage.

We suggest another alternative than the one proposed by Brzezinski. It is time for an international meeting with Russia to resolve issues of security. A first step would be ending the Bush initiative of building missile bases on the border of Russia. A second would be making clear that neither the Ukraine nor Georgia would be accepted into NATO. In return, Russia would have to agree to halt any further attempt to interfere with the independence or integrity of Georgia or the Ukraine. Hopefully, a President Obama would use diplomacy rather than threaten force in order to resolve international problems.