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Israel For Peace, A Piece Of Jerusalem, West Bank, etc..

In 2003, Israel signed onto an American sponsored road map peace plan which called for a settlement freeze including natural growth, but to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when Israel signs an agreement it is open to interpretation, but when Arabs sign agreements, what is signed is. An American State Department spokesperson made clear the Obama administration believes any further expansion of building whether in the West Bank or in east Jerusalem is a violation of the 2003 road map. “We’re talking about all settlement activity, yes, in the area across the line.” Israel insists it has a right to build anywhere in Jerusalem, it says so in the Torah.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a cynical political leader whose goal is maintaining power and he will take whatever steps are necessary to gain support of the religious right and West Bank settlers. The Obama administration will lose all credibility in the Middle East if it allows Netanyahu to continue building settlements. Obama must stand firm, he is the only real friend the state of Israel has in the world.

End Of An Iranian Dream Of Freedom?

The crackdown on Iranian protestors continues with police wielding guns and batons which are swung to hit the bodies of innocent Iranians who dare to believe their nation has free elections. Reports indicate ten or thirteen or even more are dead and hundreds have been beaten or thrown into jail. The Ayatollah Khamenei has lost the moral support of untold thousands of Iranian students who never again will believe anything he says about religion of life. He sold out his soul due to fear the people of Iran could not be trusted to support the Revolution that supposedly ushered in a period of democracy for Iran. The number of people in the streets is declining as reality gradually sinks into the minds of young students that their dream is shattered and they will again have to confront life in a lethal semi-dictatorship run by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Conservative American critics blast President Obama for remaining silent. Just about every expert on Iranian affairs supports silence since any comment by Obama will damage efforts of those seeking to gain some leverage with the Iranian government. There are times in politics when silence can also be a weapon. At this point, the only hope for young Iranians is for the West to keep open the doors of contact with backward looking clerics.

Has Obama Betrayed Gays And Lesbians?

There is a growing sense among gays and lesbians that there supposed “fierce advocate” for their rights has displayed a remarkable silent position since becoming president of the United States. They await his fulfillment of a promise to end the ridiculous “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of the armed forces which blatantly discriminates against gays and lesbians even though their goal is to serve to protect the nation which refuses them equal rights. A recent march through Manhattan that protested the California Supreme Court decision denying gay rights also witnessed thousands expressing disappointment with the lack of vigor on the part of Obama whenever gay rights are mentioned. Obama defenders undoubtedly argue he currently is overwhelmed with the economy and terrorism in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the argument that more important issues are on the Obama plate is a dodge. There will be constant economic issues and fighting all over the world during the coming years. It is simply an excuse for procrastination rather than action. For a man whose fellow African Americans refused to “wait” but insisted on action — now! it is a lame excuse that more important issues must be confronted.

Call A Spade A Spade Is My Motto Say Rev Wright

Fox News undoubtedly had a wonderful story to dwell on for a day when the Reverend Jeremiah Wright blasted “them Jews” in the Barack Obama administration for denying him an opportunity to talk with the president. “Them Jews ain’t going to let me talk with him,” roared the mouth that can not speak without angering someone. “They will not let him talk to anybody who calls a spade a spade.” Yes, Reverend, they definitely will not allow someone to use expressions such as “call a spade a spade” which to many African Americans is rather insulting. Naturally, the good reverend could not make a statement without saying something about Israel whose Gaza offense he termed “ethnic cleansing” and a “crime against humanity.”

As an African American it is interesting the Reverend has nothing to say about the death of five million Africans in the Congo or the death of 60,000 in Uganda or the death of over 200,000 in Darfur. President Obama is attempting to resolve a difficult conflict in the Middle East and, believe it or not, Reverend Wright, you are the last person from whom he would seek advice or counsel. It’s not “them Jews,” who won’t let you into the White House, it’s “that damn dark skinned guy.”

Netanyahu Argues Peace Will Destroy His Government!

President Barack Obama while in Cairo for his speech conveyed to President Mubarak that he had been told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes if he agrees to the concept of a Palestinian state and return to the 1967 boundaries, his coalition government will fall apart and he will cease being prime minister of the nation. Mubarak told Obama that he was not impressed by the comment since Netanyahu has been saying things like that for years. He formed a right wing coalition, he appointed Avigdor Lieberman as his foreign minister even though he is a virulent anti-Muslim individual. Foreign Minister Lieberman apparently was angry that the Israel Embassy in Cairo invited speakers from the Peace Now movement to discuss their ideas with Egyptian journalists.

The reality is Netanyahu had alternatives. Former Foreign Minister Lipni urged a coalition based on the idea of peace with Palestinians and recognition of the idea of a Palestinian state, but she was turned down. Prime Minister Netanyahu has to place the interests of his nation before his own selfish need to have an important role in government. He must form a new coalition government based on ideas that will lead to peace.

Hamas Urges Obama Talk With Them

Exiled Hamas leader Moussa Abu Marzouk said President Barack Obama must enter into dialogue with their organization before it would even renounce violence– a key demand of the United States. Marzouk claimed his organization was the real representative of the Palestinian people which thus made it impossible to have any discussions without their presence. “They know that without Hamas their efforts will not succeed. In his Cairo speech, the president challenged Palestinian leaders to renounce violence and accept the reality of the Israel government.

Hamas is undoubtedly an important cog in any process that would lead to peace, but it falls into the trap of too many Israeli and Palestinian leaders who want the United States to somehow negotiate a peace between rival organizations. Hamas has the power to, at least, say it will renounce violence during a peace process while retaining the right to return to violence if the effort collapses. The ultimate decision for peace resides in the hands of Israelis and Palestinians, not Americans.

Obama Backs Turkey EU Bid To Sarkozy

In his meeting with President Sarkozy of France, Barack Obama urged the admittance of Turkey into the European Union. “I’ve said publicly that I think Turkish membership of the EU would be important. What the US wants to do is just to encourage talks and discussions where Turkey can feel confident that it has a friendship with France, with the United States, and with all of Europe and to the extent that it defines itself that it has an opportunity to be part of that.” The French president has opposed the entry of Turkey which he fears would alter the composition of Europe due to its large Muslim population. Sarkozy has been pushing a Mediterranean Union which would also include Israel and other nations which border the body of water.

The two leaders differed on the issue of Muslim women wearing a headscarf. Obama made clear that in the United States, “our basic attitude is that we’re not going to tell people what to wear.” Sarkozy argued his nation did not wish the headscarf because of national opposition to any form of religious symbols in schools or government offices. He also raised the question as to whether girls were being forced to wear the headscarf due to parental pressure.

At this point, it is none of America’s business how France deals with the headscarf. The important issue right now is working to assist the entry of Turkey into the European Union.

Israel Haters Smear Obama Speech

We define an “Israel Hater” as one who urges the nation of Israel to pursue policies that only reinforce isolation and prevent the Jewish people from uniting with their Palestinian brothers and sisters. President Obama made an eloquent explanation of the meaning of the Holocaust and anyone with an iota of brain power understood he was making clear to President Ahmadinejad of Iran and those in the Muslim world who deny the Holocaust that such thinking lacks an historical background. He also spoke of the plight of Palestinians who suffer under the rule of an Israel occupation army that denies people their right to self determination. Rush Limbaugh, the great defender of truth lashed out at Obama for comparing the Holocaust to the suffering of Palestinians. No such comparison was ever made in the speech, but to those who hate Israel and wish it to remain in an isolated position living in constant fear, the very mention that Palestinians have suffered is enough to prove a speaker hates the Jewish people.

In this blog I vigorously attacked Professor Robinson for specifically making a comparison between the Holocaust and the Gaza invasion. President Obama became the first American leader who has spoken out publicly against Israel policies which prevent the people of Gaza from enjoying freedom of movement and policies that illegally seize land of Palestinians. The Palestinian people have suffered, they have endured what Obama termed the indignities that any people under occupation must encounter. That does NOT mean the Israel government has a policy to kill Palestinians or to force them into starvation.

It is a sad day when any Jewish liberal or any supporter of Israel has to rely on the likes of Rush Limbaugh as a spokesman for truth. Barack Obama spoke honestly, he was critical of Muslim extremists and he was critical of certain policies of the Israel government. He made clear American ties with Israel were unbreakable. But, Republican smear artists seek to arouse fear and hate by claiming Obama connected the Holocaust to Israel actions toward Palestinians. These Republicans seek votes, not the truth. These Republicans seek to continue the current impasse in the Middle East, not to forge new bonds of friendship.

Bush Lied About Israel Settlement Growth!!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the American government his predecessor, Prime Minister Sharon, had reached a secret agreement with former President Bush which allowed further building in West Bank settlements. He said there was a “private understanding” between the men that while Bush publicly told Palestinians he was against West Bank settlement expansion, the Israelis could continue the “natural growth” process of their housing.

However, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have both told Netanyahu that Israel must cease any further expansion of housing since Israel has “obligations” to work for peace with Palestinians and the continued growth of settlements is a major stumbling block in any future negotiations. Israel illegally seized land on the West Bank for the construction of housing and it must cease since the final status of those houses is subject to negotiation.

The Anti-Bush Speaks At Cairo University

President Obama will be making his long awaited speech to the Muslim world in which he will attempt to prove that his administration is the exact opposite of that of his predecessor, George Bush. His talk at Cairo University is symbolic of his effort to reach out to young Muslims and get their support for a new world in which terrorism is crushed and the creative talents of young Arabs allowed to fruition. He is speaking in the cradle of Islamic intellectual thought, and his speech must offer evidence that America will not longer allow Israel to filibuster efforts at peace negotiations. The Muslim world wants concrete remarks from Obama that he is 100% behind talks that will result in the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

Obama also must deal with the hatred generated by Bush over the brutality that occurred in Abu Ghraib prison and new revelations about photos depicting such violence which the president refuses to release to the public. At best, the president will be happy if Muslim media reports his comments fully and without editing his remarks. At best, he can make clear the determination of the United States to have an independent Palestinian state. However, what if Israel refuses to cooperate in his dream of peace in the Middle East? What then?