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Obesity Is In Head, Not Body

Participants at the 11th Congress on Obesity warned those seeking to reduce weight to avoid taking over the counter diet supplement drugs which simply are a waste of money and lead only to gaining more weight. At the age of 21 I made a vow to myself that if, and when, I reached the age of 80 I would weigh about 170 pounds instead of my then 161. I will be eighty in two months and weigh 173 pounds which is OK as far as I am concerned. The issue of obesity is rather simple, get your head straight and the result will be a slimmer body. I have never gone on a diet in my life. I eat moderately, hold off on stuffing myself, am careful with goodies–although I eat them– and simply adhere to the principle of moderation. In younger days I played sports including racquet ball, but those days are behind me. I walk at least two miles a day at a moderate rate and walk up and down instead of using elevators. I always park as far as I can from a supermarket or any place that I visit. Each small step leads to the big step of not gaining weight.

I would never take any slimming drug. If you want to lose weight simply get your head focused on the task of exercise and moderate eating. Sometimes, I purchase a donut, take a small bite and throw the rest away. Or, I purchase a cone, take a lick and throw the rest away. As I say, losing weight is mental, not physical.

Michelle Obama And Fight Against Obesity-Huh!

Every First Lady eventually becomes identified with some effort in order to prove to the world she is more than a lady who smiles at public events. Michelle Obama is attacking the issue of obesity in children, a noble goal, but unfortunately, as she fights to get kids enjoying “active healthy lives” her spouse has appointed a man as Secretary of Education whose goals are to keep kids away from play and fun. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s focus on “accountability” has forced elementary schools in America to concentrate on one thing–test scores! This translates into less time at play and more time devoted to memorizing information that will be forgotten once the test is over.

Michelle Obama is right on target in claiming “nearly one out of three children in this country is overweight or obese.” She is right to be concerned that half of African American and Hispanic children face the disease of diabetes due to being overweight. As one raised in the Depression, it is clear we had more time devoted to play and physical activities–and we still did OK in academics. Hey, Michelle, trot down the corridor and tell hubby to knock off the emphasis on memorizing trivia which is A factor in obesity of children.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

China, China Daily: “India Cancels Moon Mission”
Instead, India border guards will moon Pakistani guards.

Japan, Japan Times: “US Senate Loses A Lion”
Unfortunately, we still have Republican asses and monkeys.

Sweden, Radio Sweden: “Sweden May Not Wait For Brussels”
I thought they at least would wait until Brussels sprouts.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Capitalism Is The Villain?”
If you ask Republicans it is the Socialist Obama.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Danish Teams A Disaster In Europe”
Have you tried Asia?

UK, The Independent: “Arctic Sea Carrying Illegal Arms”
Where? To the North Pole?

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Karadzic: Not All Graves From Massacres”
No, some of them are from shooting anyone in sight.

Canada, Toronto Star: “York U Panel Urges More Student Space”
Given the obesity level in colleges, let’s definitely give them more space.

Finland, Sanomat: “Sharp Decline In Female Salmon”
Let’s get some male salmon sexy.

Obese Get Twofer On Airline Seats!

Anyone who has ever been on an airline has, at one time or another, wound up sitting next to someone who was somewhat obese and spent the two hours feeling cramped and confined. The Canadian Supreme Court ruled in favor of the right of an obese person to two seats for the price of one on grounds, people who are “functionally disabled by obesity” have a right to spread out into an extra seat. The ruling applies to Canadian airlines.

The Court decision raises interesting legal points about the issue of which rights do other people who are “functionally disabled” possess. For example, what about the non-stop talking person next to you who will not shut up until the plane lands, does he have a “functionally disability” which requires giving him two seats in order to ensure the right of privacy for his neighbors? What about the person who has a “functional disability” requiring her head to fall on your shoulder as she snores her way into sleep oblivion? Should she be awarded two seats to allow her head to slam down into an empty chair? Of course, there is always the “elbow disabled” man who never ceases jabbing your side with his elbows? I say give him two seats.

Of course, I belong to the “silent disabled” man who wants privacy and doesn’t like anyone near me on a plane. The next time I check in I will insist on two seats for the price of one.

Let Them Eat Salads And Keep Trim!

Gret Britain’s School Fund Trust came out swinging with demands schools should enforce “lock-in” during lunchtime so that children will eat healthy canteen food instead of going off to places where they consume junk food. A survey conducted by the Trust found there are, on an average, about 23 fast-food outlets within a mile of the typical seconday school building. It is concerned students are not taking advantage of new nutritional standards found in school cafeterias because they go elsewhere in search of foods that lead to obesity and poor health. The solution is to adopt a “stay on site” policy which restricts students to school grounds. John Dunford, general secetary of the Association of School and College Leaders, pointed out: “For instance, large schools with multiple entrances would struggle to provide levels of supervision. Other schools were built with canteens that are physically too small to cater to every pupil.”

After 50 years of teaching, I suspect the implmentation of this policy would result in black market foods being smuggled into schools since the ingenuity of adolescent children far surpasses the intelligence of school administrators. Of course, there is also the real issue once out of school they will devour extra portions of junk food. Noble intention, doubtful if it will ever be achieved.