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Can A Soldier Protest An Illegal War?

The invasion of Iraq was born in lies, the military initially fought it under the direction of an incompetent Secretary of Defense, and thousands of Americans died in a needless expenditure of human life and money. Army Spc. Kristoffer Walker told his superiors the truth — the Iraq was is illegal and immoral and he did not wish to participate in it. His company commander warned him of dire consequences should he persist in his refusal to go overseas, essentially telling Walker his life would be ruined. Walker still opposes the war but decided he had to go in order to avoid the consequences. However, he no longer trusts his military leaders and those who run the government.

The armed forces have recognized the right of a conscientious objector who can not kill since it violates his ethical principles. Surely, we can recognize the right of a moral person who cannot serve in what he considers to be an immoral action.