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Is Torture OK If We Do IT?

The New York Daily News printed an editorial which defended torture and argued against any punishment: Here is what they said:

“The Justice Department struck a blow for societal self-preservation in ruling CIA agents won’t be prosecuted for using waterboarding and other harsh interrogation tactics on terror suspects. It was madness even to consider criminally charging the US operatives who gathered critical intelligence in the desperate months after 9/11 by applying techniques that were officially declared legal by the very same Justice Department.”

Following is a memo written by a member of the Nazi Minister of the Interior in 1942:

“It has come to my attention that some elements in the Ministry of the Interior are upset at some tactics we are using in defense of our beloved German homeland. The recent episode in Czechoslovakia in which terrorists killed Heydrich led to our killing of an entire village in order to demonstrate that terrorism will be punished. Yes, we do kill ten or fifteen civilians for each German soldier who is killed, but how else can we deal with the crafty and inhumane terrorists who kill innocent German soldiers at night?
I have received complaints that we pull out fingernails or burn terrorists in order to secure information. They are TERRORISTS! Their goal is to destroy the German homeland. And, yet, there are those who say who should be soft and pleasant to these inhuman terrorists. We must be strong if we are to defeat the hordes of Jewish-Communist forces of evil.
A member of the SS recently came to me and asked if he could be charged with committing a crime if he burned out the eyes of a suspect. I made clear he was following orders and that no one would ever be punished for following orders. He mentioned that a friend refused to rape a filthy Jewish girl and was then reprimanded by a superior. Orders are orders. Obey and obey, that is the way of Nazi Germany. I have been told in the soft liberal Jewish tainted democracies some argue that one should not obey an illegal order. It is such thinking that will ensure our victory.
If we accept these weak kneed opponents than those who gain glory in killing Jews would be branded as committing a crime. How can one commit a crime in killing the vermin filthy Jews who spread their germs of evil throughout the world. Torture in defense of the truth is always justified. If you don’t believe me, just contact Adolf Hitler.”

Yes, Daily News, which is owned by Mr. Zuckerman, yes, killing Jews in defense of Nazi Germany was no crime. If you don’t believe that statement, just read the April 18, 2009 editorial in The Daily News.

Bush Supporters Defend Torture

Top level members of the Bush administration defended physical abuse of prisoners by CIA interrogators that were described in detail by memos released by the Obama administration. General Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA and Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey, blasted Obama for pandering to the media by releasing the memos which they claim undermine the morale of CIA operatives. Of course, the memos caused those who defend human rights to express their dismay at what was reported. Amnesty International expressed its support of releasing the memos but dismay at Obama’s refusal to prosecute anyone. “The release of CIA memos on interrogation methods by the United States Department of Justice appears to have offered a get-out-of jail free card to people involved in torture.”

According to Hayden and Mukasey letting the world know how Americans tortured prisoners will damage the reputation of this nation by admitting we commit crimes. Perhaps, it might do the reverse and gain admiration of those who have doubted America could ever do an honest thing while Bush was president.