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Hillary Clinton Wants Kenya Accounting

Last year the nation of Kenya was wracked by horrible violence following the disputed election of Kibaki which was challenged by opposition leader Odinga. During the ensuing chaos, hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee their homes as sectarian and political groups clashed. It is estimated thousands were killed or injured during the riots. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on an extended visit to African nations and in her first stop in Kenya she berated the nation’s leaders for failure to follow up the violence with a serious investigation into who was behind the killings.

There has been talk of a investigation by the International Criminal Court in order to establish the bottom line in African nations that when an election is stolen, those responsible for violence will be held accountable. She urged establishment of a Special Tribunal with independent investigative power, but this most probably will not happen.

Kenya can establish a precedent by initiating an independent investigation and it would send a message to neighboring Zimbabwe where President Mugabe continues to violate the law by harassing opposition leaders following his own fraudulent election.

Mugabe Must Go, Say African Leaders!

South African leaders urged the Zimbabwe government to place the interests of their people before their own needs to power. As President Robert Mugabe sits entrenched in power, thousands of his countrymen are dying and the cholera total is at least 600 and rising every day. Mugabe refuses to allow opposition parties to have control over either the army or police because he fears honest police officials will uncover the crimes he and his fellow thugs have kept hidden for years. There are now massive food shortages and millions face the prospect of death by starvation unless something is done. The hospital system has collapsed as has the water system in the capital and disease will spread even more.

Kenyan President Raila Odinga put it clearly by saying it was time for Mugabe to go. “It’s time for African governments to take decisive action to push him from power. Power-sharing is dead in Zimbabwe and will not work with a dictator who does not really believe in power-sharing.” Finally, an honest statement from an African leader.

African Leader: “Mugabe An Embarrassment”

Raila Odinga, Prime Minister of Kenya, described Robert Mugabe as “an embarrassment to the African continent. He lost an election and refused to move on.” Despite his personal loathing for the two bit petty tyrant who terrorizes the Zimbabwean people, Odinga is working hard to find a solution that will allow the Zimbabwean Movement for Democratic Change which actually won the presidential election, to gain an entry to power. Her persuaded the MDC to hold talks with Mugabe. Its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, had refused until Mugabe pledges to cease killing, brutalizing and jailing members of the opposition.

Mugabe has gained one piece of fame in world history, his government is probably the first to issue $1 billion notes. The economy is in ruins and now Mugabe is threatening to seize foreign owned businesses, a move which would lead to severe economic retaliation on the part of world business groups.

The prospect for a peaceful resolution of Zimbabwean problems is slim, but the world can hope.

Botswana And Kenya Rip Mugabe

The summit meeting of the African Union has become a battleground between those nations which are infuriated with the disgraceful manner in which President Robert Mugabe has abused the people of his nation and the recent farce which went by the name of an “election.” Prime Minister Raila Odinga of Kenya wants Mugabe suspended from the African Union while Botswana introduced a resolution which stated “it is our considered view.. the representatives of the current government in Zimbabwe should be excluded from attending Sadc(South African Development Community) and African Union meetings. The session became embroiled in differing views between those who seek to force upon Mugabe a national unity government and those who want him out of the organization in order to make a statement about brutlity and oppression of people.

A problem with asking Mugabe to form a national unity government AFTER he won the sham election is it enables him to negotiate from a position of strength. Had the AU forced this prior to the election, Morgan Tsvangirai would have been in a stronger position to fight for equity in a national unity government.

Kenya Escapes Blood Bath By Shaking Hands

The clock of war was slowly ticking as opposing forces in Kenya fnally agreed on a power sharing process which will ensure both President Kibaki and his opponent, Raila Odinga, are prepared to share leadership of the government. Kofi Annan and his UN-backed Panel of African Eminent Persons and the African Union hammered out the deal which was finalized by handshakes on the part of Odinga and Kibaki. The agreement provides for restoring the position of Prime Minister and dividing members of the Cabinet based on their voting status in Parliament. Britin’s Gordon Brown hailed the accord as did the United States.

In a speech shortly after signing the agreement, President Kibaki pledged to work to see to it the deal was honored by all parties in Kenya. The prime minister will be elected by Parliament ensuring whichever party has a majority would now have a say in governing the country. But, despite this agreement, much work must be done. The past few months have witnessed unleashng of tribal anger and this requires ending prejudice and ensuring that all Kenyans enjoy equal economic, social and political equality. A great deal of multicultural education must be done in schools.

Kenya Impasse Results In Mob Violence

The struggle to create a new Kenya government which represents the interests of all parties and confronts the election debacle caused by President Kibaki’s vote manipulation, continues without any final resolution. Kibaki has agreed with opposition leader Raila Odinga’s demand for creation of a prime minister, but he is fighting to reduce the power of that office. Raila Odinga insists he has full confidence in the mediation team headed by Kofi Annan, and he received support from prominent parliamentary leader, Frances Ole Kaparo who urged a shift away from an imperial presidency towards a partilamentary system of governance.

As politicians endeavored to establish the basis of government, many Kenyans are witnessing gangs take over their businesses or apartments. Ms. Pascalia Njuku Mutuku told a reporter for the Daily Standard a gang had simply taken over her apartment buildings, evicted her from the premises, and assumed the role of landlord. Similar stories are reported all over Kenya as mob and ethnic rule has become the order of the day.

Does President Kibaki ever ponder the effects of his blatant stealing of an election? Had he simply accepted the voice of the electorate he would have gone down in history as a man who placed interests of the nation in front of his own needs for power. A perennial problem in Africa is the presence of men like Kibaki. Africa needs more Nelson Mandelas.

Kenya Moves Towards Peace Settlement

Former UN secretary-general, Kofi Annan, apparently has been able to get both political parties engaged in a dispute over the recent presidential elections, to come togther in a spirit of problem solving. President Kibaki and the opposition Orange Democratic Movement, have agreed there must be a negotiated settlement. Annan said: “We all agreed that a political settlement is neceessary.” There is some talk, Raila Odinga of the ODM, will be given a role in the government, but these details have yet to be completely resolved. As Annan noted: “These things always begin with intransigence. They will have to shift.” The obvious major issue is how much power will President Kibaki agree to share. He already has backed down from telling the ODM to take their complaints to a court.

There is increasing evidence Kibaki’s blatant vote stealing was used as a pretext by tribal groups to deal with old grievances that date back to colonial and post colonial events. Over a 1000 people are dead and 350,000 displaced. A political settlement is merely the first step in confronting issues that have been placed on the backburner of history for far too long.

Kenya Political Leader Urges UN Intervention

Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Movement urged outside intervention in order to end the chaos created by the nation’s president who stole an election through means of vote fraud. Odinga claims both the army and the police are no longer able to serve as objective enforcers of law. “The Kenya Army personnel are not neutral. They serve Kibaki’s interests and are not fit to be used to restore peace.” Under UN provisions, troops can be deployed in cases of civil war or when local military forces are unable to ensure law and order. Odinga was particularly upset at police failures since he claims their minds are “poisoned” and they are unable to deal with the unrest that has resulted in over 300,000 people being left homeless.

It is quite clear President Kibaki has lost the confidence of a significant portion of his own country, if not the world. The African Union apparently will not act in Kenya anymore than it made moves to assist the people of Zimbabwe in their current crisis where President Mugabe has also manipulated vote counts. The UN is probably the best alternative at this point in time.

Kibai Tries Sabotaging Kenya Talks

Raila Odinga, head of the ODM, reiterated his party’s commitment to dialogue with President Kibai who was accused of attempting to derail mediation talks by making “aggressive” statements. Raila said Kibaki was subverting mediation talks by insisting the electoral dispute could be resolved through local courts and that his election was not subject to any further discussion. Odinga said “We in ODM are committed to the success of negotiations and are doing everything in our power to ensure the ground is stable for this to happen. Kibaki must als aproach mediation in good faith.” Trade union leaders have warned Kibaki they are prepared to organize workers in mass protests unless he honestly engages in meaningful dialogue.

Kibaki told members of the African Union that ODM was to blame for the violence in the country and that this was premeditated.” How could the ODM forsee Kibaki would manipulate vote counts to ensure his re-election? The only premeditation was on the part of Kibaki.

Election Fraud=Blood, Hate, Violence In Kenya

President Kibaki stole an election by manipulating vote counts. Undoubtedly, he assumed opposition parties would scream but eventually allow his actions to be accepted. Unfortunately, his theft has resulted in an outburst of tribal anger as opponents and defenders of his theft clash over a dispute that has escalated from anger over a vote count to unleashing of dromant tribal fears. Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has been desperately attempting to persuade Kibaki and Raila Odinga to come together for the greater good of all Kenyans even if it means temporarily suspending their own goals. Annan made a trip around the country meeting people who were beaten and driven from their homes by bands of armed youth. Thousands are now displaced because they fear returning to homes located in areas where there are rivel tribal groups.

Kofi Annan captured the essence of what is happening today in Kenya when he said, “The crisis has mutated from an electoral dispute into much deeper probelms with a high potential for recurrence.” Is this what Kibaki wants for his nation? Is he willing to sacrifice his lust for power over the aspirations and needs of millions of people? The future only knows the answer to those questions.