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Kenya Impasse Continues With Threats Of Violence

President Kibaki entered the chambers of Parliament to greet the new session while his opponent, Raila Odinga sat a few feet away, neither man glancing in the direction of the other. The new Speaker of the House, Kenneth Marenden promised reforms, but none that would be capable of altering the current stand-off between Odinga, who most probably won the presidential election, and Kibaki who forced himself into the presidency through vote manipulation. In the meantime, streets of Kenya towns witnessed peaceful demonstrations by the Orange Democratic Movement. Nairobi’s streets were peaceful in the morning, but when after arrived with ODM demonstrators, tear gas greeted their arrival.

Famous people tried their best to persuade President Kibaki to rethink his victory, and, if nothing else, at least form a coalition govenment that would include members of the oppositiion ODM. Kibaki has dug in his feet and will not compromise. How does a man who apparently loves his country and people refuse to take action that would avoid bloodshed and violence? Only Kibaki knows the answer to that question.