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Mugage Unleashes Dogs Of Brutality On His People!

The drama that has engulfed the people of Zimbabwe over the past few weeks is now drawing to a conclusion as the curtain drops and the players leave the stage. In place of those who represent the people of Zimbabwe will be a gang of thugs and mercenaries who are being paid to intimidate, beat up, and even kill those who oppose their beloved master, Robert Mugabe. President Mugabe has dropped any pretense of fairness and has determined he will remain in office despite having lost the presidential election and witnessed his political party, Zanu-PF get defeated. He has dispatched army officers throughout the nation along with hundreds of thugs who call themselves “war veterans” in a vain attempt to claim they somehow fought for their nation’s independence thirty years ago. The “war veterans” have already driven off the land the last remaining white farmers together with those working on those lands. Local police are being warned to support Mugabe or else they will get fired.

The Zimbabe Election Commission which has refused to release figures that clealy show the Orange Democratic Movement won the presidency and a majority in parliament. Instead process of recounting is going on which will result in a new parliament majority for the Zanu-PF party. At least two members of the ODM have been killed and dozens beaten up by the gangsters that control their nation.

The greatest sadness is failure on the part of African nations to take a stand against Mugabe. President Mbeki of South Africa betrayed the people of Zimbabwe by refusing to speak out against the atrocity which now engulfs their nation. This is merely one more African tragedy.

Kenya Compromise Produces A Cabinet

The ongoing saga of whether Kenya will have a coalition government or chaos was hopefully resolved with the announcement a power-sharing arrangement will be in place. Oppositon leaer Raila Odinga has been appointed prime minister anda new 42 member cabinet replaces the previous 17 member one. “Let’s build a new Kenya where justice is our shield and defender, and where pace, liberty and plenty will be found throughout our country,” said President Kibaki. Former UN chief Kofi Annan brokered the arrangement which provides more positions in government to the opposition Orange Development Movement.

There is little doubt the new Cabinet will be rather expensive given its huge size, but, in the long run, spending money to provide jobs for politicians is less expensive than dealing with street demonstrations and the anger of mobs.

Why Kenya Peace Talks Collapsed!

The Kenya Daily Standard reported a member of President Kibaki’s Party of National Unity engaged in a heated exchange with the Panel of Eminent Persons led by Kofi Annan. As a result of the apparent Kibaki refusal to compromise, Kofi Annan has suspended any further discussions to resolve the impasse arising from the fraudulent election for president. The Daily Standard says the Kibaki minister exploded when Annan tried to steer discussions towards what was already drafted in the report of the Legal Working Group. In the ensuing exchange of words, accusations and epithets were hurled around the room as the PNU and the Orange Democratic Movement confronted one another in a slinging match. Both Annan and former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa found themselves attacked and questions raised about their integrity.

The Kibaki rejection of a fair election has resulted in 1000 people dead in Kenya and over 500,000 displaced. Annan was sad that neither party appeared able to grasp the enormity of the situation and the importance of compromise. A major stumbling block is refusal on the part of President Kibaki to surrender some of his power to a prime minister who would come from the ODM.

Secretary of State Condi Rice told the Kenyan leaders, “we will draw our own conclusions about who is responsible for lack of progress and take the necessary steps. We will also exert leadership with the United Nations.”

Kibaki Putting Kibash On Mediation

From the moment tally results came in for the Kenya elections for president, the incumbent, Kibaki was engaged in manipulation of votes and a quick assumption of power. Weeks of violence and death have torn his once peaceful nation into fragmented tribes vying to express latent anger and hatred. Former UN head, Kofi Annan, has been quietly attempting to reconcile opposing groups and has approached the possibility of a settlement. His plan would create the new position of prime minister and allow Kibaki to continue as president. President Kibaki has been forced to accept the new position of “prime minister” who would be someone from the opposition Orange Democratic Movement, but he wants to ensure it will be a powerless position in order to maintain his own power.

Secretary of State Rice whisked trough Kenya urging all sides to cooperate and President Bush on his trip to Africa is warning Kenya to avoid a Rwanda outcome. The ODM wants action since the process has been dragging on for weeks. Its leader, Raila Odinga believes Kibaki is stalling and frustrating peace efforts because of its refusal to surrender any power to the opposition. Step one is concluding the process is for Odinga and Kibaki to sit down and work out details of power sharing. Kibaki can not be allowed to continue his complete control of executive power.

Kibai Tries Sabotaging Kenya Talks

Raila Odinga, head of the ODM, reiterated his party’s commitment to dialogue with President Kibai who was accused of attempting to derail mediation talks by making “aggressive” statements. Raila said Kibaki was subverting mediation talks by insisting the electoral dispute could be resolved through local courts and that his election was not subject to any further discussion. Odinga said “We in ODM are committed to the success of negotiations and are doing everything in our power to ensure the ground is stable for this to happen. Kibaki must als aproach mediation in good faith.” Trade union leaders have warned Kibaki they are prepared to organize workers in mass protests unless he honestly engages in meaningful dialogue.

Kibaki told members of the African Union that ODM was to blame for the violence in the country and that this was premeditated.” How could the ODM forsee Kibaki would manipulate vote counts to ensure his re-election? The only premeditation was on the part of Kibaki.

Kenya Impasse Continues As Kibaki Dodges Peace

Joh Kufor, Presdent of Ghana, flew out of Kenya after failing to persuade President Kibaki to engage in meaningful negotiations with opposition leaders. There is no doubt vote manipulation was common in the past election and no time was allowed between the final vote tallies and the hurried installation of Kibaki as president to ensure vote tallies were accurate. The Orange Democratic Movement has promised to organize countrywide demonstrations against Kibaki’s illegal government. Former UN head, Kofi Annan, also from Ghana is organizing a delegation of prominent African leaders to serve as a force for mediation.

Kibaki is digging in his heels because he knows the vote is a fraud. Over twenty of his own ministers lost their seats in parliament, but he continuals to insist his vote count was accurate. His only offer is some type of “dialogue” but for which purposes, he alone knows. It may well be necessary to impose sanctions and force Kibaki to accept mediatioin from fellow African leaders.

It would be wonderful if African leaders displayed as much interest in democracy in Zimbabwe where Mugabe makes Kibaki come across as a leader of democracy.

Kenya’s Cup Of Bitter Tea As Mediation Collapses

International mediation efforts to resolve the electoral fiasco in Kenya that was caused when President Kibaki blatantly stole the election have collapsed. Ghana’s Presdidnet John Kuffour left the nation after being unable to secure cooperation from Kibaki to end the impasse and work toward peace. A government spokesperson for Kibaki said President Kuffour had merely come in order to have a cup of tea with their leader. The opposition Orange Democratic Movement had offered several compromises but all were declined by Kibaki. Despite international suggestions he invite members of ODM to serve in an interim cabinet, the head of Kenya insisted only his loyal supporters would be given places in the cabinet.

Samuel Kiviuti, head of the Electoral Commission admited there was evidence of fraud. In one example, h original vote from the Juja area indicated a vote tally of 48,293 for Kibaki and that was the figure ready to be sent in, but somehow the figure was altered to indicate a vote of 100,390 for the president even though no name appeared as signing the new document. The only people suffering are the people of Kenya.

Kenya Seeking Peaceful Way To Resolve Election Dispute

There is a lull in the violence which has wracked Kenya since President Kibaki claimed victory in the recent race for the presidency. Members of the Kenya Electoral Commission are considering asking the courts to organize an independent audit of election tallies in order to ascertain if Kibaki was actually the winner. At least two members of the commission already have had their homes burned to the ground in rural areas of the country where violence still has not completely abated. The Kenya constitution allows any citizen to seek judicial review of an issue, but some experts claim it may not be feasible for the Electoral Commission to be the agent seeking a recount. Raila Odinga of the opposition Orange Democratic Movement fears it may be too late to undertake an audit since key documents may have been “doctored.”

The international community is upset and concerned at events that occurred in Kenya. There is little doubt the final tally for the presidential race is not accurate. Most foreign observers like Britain’s Foreign Minister David Miliband are urging mediation. So far, President Kibaki has ruled out an interim coalition government which is desired by the ODM opposition and insists only the courts can over rule election results. But, is that possible if key documents have already been altered?

President Kibaki Twists And Dodges From Facing Election Truth

As Raila Odinga, leader of the Orange Democratic Movement met with Archbishop Desmond Tutu from South Africa, President Kibaki of Kenya dug in his heels and insisted the election was fair and he was legally elected. Odinga discussed with Tutu the possibility of some form of mediation that might extricate his nation from the violence which has cost the lives of over 300 people. Secretary Rice and Prime Minister Gordon Brown have both suggested various names like former UN Secretary Koffi Annan or President John Kufor of Ghana. Odinga has indicated a willingness to accept either of these names, but, so far it is far from clear if President Kibaki will even entertain the notion of any review of election results. He ruled out the idea of a transitional government and told his opponents to “follow the law” and cease their complaints. His only concession is a willingness to have discussions with “concerned parties” when things have become quiet.

Kenya’s Attorney General Amos Wako raised two possibilities for resolution of the conflict. One entailed creation of a National Unity Government and the other would ask an independent body to review election results. It appears that President Kibaki interprets mediation to mean having outside parties calm down his opponents, but he does not appear to regard having any role in reviewing what transpired in the blatant effort on his part to steal an election. As of the moment, he has not arranged any meeting with Tutu anymore than with those who oppose his arbitrary actions.

Fires Of Hate And Anger Smolder In Kenya Slums

Alex Ndegwa, of the East African Standard, wandered through the slums of Nairobi where people huddled in their shanties, fearing to leave and face the prospect of being hacked to pieces by those belonging to another tribal group. Kenya has collapsed in a blood bath of anger and confusion, all caused by President Kibaki’s grab for power. Smoke from the shanties billows into clear skies, but Kibaki refuses to leave the presidential mansion and pretends that all is well if only parliament would get back to the business of passing legislation. Gunfire echoes on the streets, mobs emerge, police converge on them, there is fighting, shots, and the mob disappears in the distance while slum dwellers huddle in fear. Mama Chege asked Ndegwa, why is this all happening, she cast her vote, but now votes no longer appear to be of importance due to the fraud perpetrated by the Kibaki government. In the meantime, over 300 are dead, including many children.

Raila Odinga, the defeated leader of the Orange Democratic Movement, has made a sensible suggestion. Establish an interim government which would have three months to calm things down and then hold a new election that would be supervised by outside forces. He even offered to meet and discuss the plan with President Kibaki, but, as of this point, has not received a response. Kibaki refuses to recognize that he is the author of the problem and the solution lies in having a fair and democratic election.