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Bush Blames Democrats For High Oil Prices

The price of gasoline in the United States has reached $4 a gallon and is still rising. President Bush offered the American people an explanation for this rise which typifies his manner of always discovering someone else as the blame for his mistakes. The blamed Democrats in Congress for the high gas prices because Congress had passed a prohibition of offshore oil exploration and there is also an executive order which forbids such drilling. “There is no excuse for delay,” proclaimed the president, “families across the country are looking for Washington for a response.” Naturally, in his view, the entire problem is caused by Democrats.

Let’s examine the record:

1. Congress was under the control of the Republican party for four years. If the president believed offshore drilling was important, why didn’t he ask his Republican Congress to make necessary changes?
2. Bush admits he could life the ban since one of the prohibitions was placed by an executive order, but he refuses to make the first move until Congress acts. This attitude is hardly that of a man who seeks to be a leader. If it is critical, then he should act.
3. President Bush apparently has forgotten his ill-fated war in Iraq is a major factor in the current oil crisis.
4. It would take years to get oil from either offshore areas in California or Alaska.
5. Real leadership would force Detroit automobile manufacturers to produce cars that get 40 miles to the gallon. That, in itself, would serious dampen the effects of the crisis.

Many Faces Of John McCain-Is Environmentalist One?

Senator John McCain has emphasized his disagreements with President Bush over environmentalism, but yesterday he came out with an attack on environmental policies by calling for resumption of offshore drilling for oil in California. He said there”are areas off our coasts that could be open to exploration and exploitation and I hope we can take the first step by lifting the moratorium(on offshore drilling).” The senator emphasized the issue was one of “national security” and America had to end its concern about obtaining this oil. He insisted the oil would be helpful in the short term in resolving the energy crisis. To add to the confusion of his remarks, Senator McCain has opposed Bush efforts to drill in Alaska.

The senator appears to miss the issues confronting American society. The United States must move away from dependance on oil as its main energy source and explore other possibilities. If Senator McCain seeks short term solutions, one simple way of reducing import of oil is requiring cars to obtain 36 miles to the gallon. The nation needs a new rapid transit system approach that would facilitate use of rapid transit in urban areas.

John McCain is pandering to fears and anxieties rather than offering leadership in fostering dramatic changes in our energy policies. Of course, on one hand he wants to drill offshore in the California area, but opposes offshore in the Alaska area. Will the real John McCain please stand up!